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Google & Facebook Global Users

75% of the world population uses the internet; globally 85% use Google as their search engine.  Around two thirds of the world population uses social media.  More than 90% were on Facebook in 2012 (40% You Tube, it was 5% Twitter but this is growing). 88% of US internet users browsed or researched products online in 2012.  84% made at least one purchase over the web in 2012. 

NZ Facebook User Stats

In NZ, at last count, there were 2.3 million people using Facebook and 95% of people using Google as their main search engine. The fastest growing segment on Facebook is the 45-55 year old bracket.  Kindergartens are learning on ipads, not chalk boards!

So it’s a no brainer that through search, Google can reach 95% of your New Zealand target market, and Facebook will reach the majority of NZ consumers with disposable income.  Both platforms also allow very specific international targeting.

There are five main options for visibility on Google and Facebook:

  1. Google Adwords – a pay per click advertising system that yields instant, pre-qualified traffic to your site from a specific region who are searching keywords related to your category.  Appear instantly the moment someone is searching for your category or service.

  2. Google Places (also known as Google Local) – shows your location on a map with a red balloon when people do searches on a category or for your company. Pretty much replacing the Yellow Pages.  See the red dots on the map above and below where you can see the address listings.

  3. Search engine optimisation – the process of ensuring your web site comes up on page one of Google (80% of people only look at page one, and 80% click on one of the top 3 listings).  Essential annual marketing requirement.  More on Search engine optimisation.

  4. Facebook company page – setting up your profile, posting to your board and gaining likes. You may be interested in our blog on Who should set up a Facebook company page?

  5. Facebook ad campaigns – driving traffic to either your Facebook page or web site.

Essentially you’ll be paying around $1 to $1.30 on average per person who clicks to your web site, but you won’t pay for those who don’t click (the freebies are the 21% who see your ad, but type your url into the browser instead of clicking on your ad – free traffic!)

Currently Facebook is around 30-40% cheaper to advertise on than Google. But You Tube is even cheaper still!  I recommend all three. 

Whereas Google allows you to reach people based on the searches they are performing, Facebook allows you to reach people by gender, age, relationship status and interest group.  LinkedIn is a smaller set, but is useful in allowing you to reach people by specific job title or industry.  Youtube allows you to show a trailer video to people in a specific region and age watching videos in specific categories.

We have been looking after Facebook and Google advertising for a large number of clients for a number of years.  Many people find setting up their own Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns complicated and time consuming – so at Alexanders we make it easy.

You benefit from the insight and experience of a Google Adwords and Facebook pro, plus we can monitor and refine your ads to maintain maximum effectiveness. We welcome enquiries to discuss how you could use these avenues, or improve your existing marketing campaigns. Drop us a line!

facebook-adsFacebook ads are an inexpensive &
effective form of online marketing


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