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If you're looking to improve your profile, consider this key stat: only one in 20 print ads gets noticed, yet everyone scans the headlines.  That's why the headline is 70% of the success of your ad.  Design is key to attract attention, but content is key to retain attention!

Over ten years of public speaking and marketing seminars, Alexanders' founder Rachel Alexander asked groups to evaluate newspaper sections to identify the ads that stood out.  As a result, Alexanders has developed a five point formula for newspaper and magazine advertising that improves the conversion rate from print ads.   With hundreds of ads in many publications and directories, it's important to stand out, through size, design or imagery and compelling content. 

People are intrinsically motivated by what they will improve, gain or accomplish, or reduce eliminate or avoid.  Our role is to understand your customer and product, search for insight, and present it in a way that engages the reader - provides benefits, builds credibility, and gets them to take action – whilst reflecting your company's personality and look.

This means our print advertising is not always be styled like an ad.  Editorial is far more widely read than ads.  We orchestrate, plan, budget and implement print advertising, either directly with the publisher or via the client, depending on your preferred style.  Please take a look at our portfolio, or call us to discuss organising a marketing campaign.


Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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