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At Alexanders we concept, write and produce commercials for radio, commercials for television, commercials for theatre and commercials for the web. As a marketing-driven advertising agency, our qualified marketing professionals provide sound strategic marketing solutions that will ensure your commercial achieves your business goals. Our talented 'creatives' provide the innovative ideas, imagination and compelling delivery to ensure your commercial achieves emotional connection with your market.


35% of media time overall is spent watching television. Combining voice, images and movement, TV ads enable you to engage your customers and tell a vivid story. Given you have suitable budget (min $100k locally, min $250k nationally), a TV ad campaign can work wonders. On a lesser note, there are local programmes which work well to home-based females, proven winners for home related products and services.

Radio Ads

33% of media time is spent listening to the radio. However radio is a fragmented market and it can seem as if every set of figures is skewed towards the rep that’s visiting you. We offer independent advice based on AC Nielsen results on which station is the best match for your target market, and can design radio ads which stand out. Ask us about offers that can transform the results of your ad campaigns.

Online video

Engage prospects with web videos Online video enables prospects to understand your point of difference and get a feel for your company, without your sales team having to lift a finger. By delivering a simple message in two minutes, your online video can do the work of pages of text and dozens of phone calls. From introductory videos to regular video blogs, virtual tours to corporate videos, Alexanders Internet Marketing in Christchurch creates a convenient way for prospects to experience your business from the comfort of their home or office.


What you can expect from Alexanders


We talk with your market to determine the key motivators to purchase, and learn about your company goals


A plan for building new markets, increasing market share or building brand awareness


We present concepts that are both inside and outside of the square

Test and Measure

Criteria for measuring response and effectiveness

Media Placement

As an independent agency we provide unbiased recommendations, and can plan a media schedule that is based on what channels/stations best reach your audience, the number of spots, frequency and mix of media to fit with your budget.

Commercial management At Alexanders, our experience and expertise in commercial management and production means we can manage your commercial from concept through to production.

Where required, we also: Source props

Cast models for right look and voice Arrange wardrobes / makeup

Find suitable locations

Source music create audio Produce the commercial

Get your commercial on air, on time and on budget

For commercial expertise that will get you results contact us, or phone us on 03 3488 477.

View samples of our TV commercials.

listen to our radio commercials.

View or on line campaigns.


Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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Alexanders Internet Marketing has an overal satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 26 paying customer rating.

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