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No one likes spending money on newspaper ads that no longer work like they used to. As an Adwords agency, we’ll get relevant prospects to your website for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.


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I am new to Google ads

Are google ads worth it?
A steady stream of customers is the lifeblood of any business. Google Ads are a proven, cost effective, results-oriented method to drive filtered traffic to your website. It's one of the top two digital marketing activities Rachel recommends if you are ready to branch out into digital marketing.


I've tried Smart Ads but realise there's more to it

Leverage our experience
Google tries to make it easy for newbies to Adwords to set it up. However, the reality is that Google’s Smart campaigns for beginners are far less effective than the set up that a professional Adwords agency has access to.
You’re bidding against many other companies. You need an edge. Watch your leads soar.


I've been outsourcing it

Finding the best Adwords company
Not all ‘Google Ad Experts’ are created equal; a neglected campaign could be leaving money on the table. Alexanders is a professional Google ads management agency who can refine your campaigns to achieve better results.

WHY USE Google advertising?

Boost targeted traffic for your website

Get in front of an online market that is actively engaged in searching for your product or service type.

• Appear on page one when a potential customer searches for a relevant keyword.

• Generate more traffic to your website.

• Target only people in your catchment areas.
Get more leads with the same budget
We’ll create relevant, compelling landing pages that integrate your top performing phrases. Pay less per click and get hyper-local leads.
Reconnect with
your customer
Avoid leaky bucket syndrome with remarketing campaigns in Google Ads. Our AdWords specialist will create and monitor highly targeted campaigns to keep your brand visible for long decision time

Track which leads turn into sales
Our Google Ads/AdWords services include call and click tracking, so you’ll see where your leads are coming from while transparent monthly reporting removes any unwanted mysteries.
Boost brand awareness to a specific sector
Be visible where your customers are browsing, align with industry articles, reach purchase-ready customers, and take advantage of seasonal opportunities.

Types of Google Ad campaigns

Here are the five most popular types of Google Ads campaigns
Example of Google search ad

1. Google Search ads + Performance Max

Of all the campaign types, this is the one that for us is the most guaranteed to perform. This is because if someone is entering a search phrase, they have already decided to do explore options, so they are more 'ready' to purchase.

Google search ads allow you to reach a defined geographic area. We can put different budgets on closer areas more likely to convert, vs further away regions.
Perhaps you have several different products, but some are core or higher value, or your favourite type of project. So we can turn up or down the focus as winners emerge.

Our Google Ads experts can emphasis specific product groups. So when you find the top-performing keyword phrases and ad groups, more energy can be channeled into these. Watch the results flow and improve over time.

2. YouTube & Google Display ads 

These are a bit like the online version of newspaper ads but with more precise targeting. Google knows what our interests, gender and age are, based on our browsing behaviour. So, you can say “Google I want to reach dairy farmers, aged 35-60” and bingo, your ads show to a defined audience.

Google Display ads include YouTube video ads, and show on partner sites that have set up a spot for Google advertising

Google Display ads are, like Facebook, reaching people at the top of the funnel, though you can also advertise to an “in market” audience (people actively looking to “buy” right now).
Google ad company NZ example of display ad
Google Discovery ads example

3. Google Discovery ads

There is a Discovery feed, much like a Facebook feed, which shows content related to what you’ve been searching. So, if you do a Google Discovery campaign, your ads show to people using Gmail, on YouTube, and on the Google App on phones. The plus is these ads use AI learning.

Over three weeks, Google works out who clicks on your ads and then matches them to similar profiles. After 3 weeks, your clicks go through the roof, and the cost per click comes down.  If you love a bargain, these campaigns have a much lower cost per click!

4. Google Shopping ads

Have you noticed the image ads when you do a search on your phone? Google Shopping ads are an important type of ad for e-commerce sites. The plus: The ads show an image, filtering out those who don’t like the look of your product. And they show right at the top of the screen.

With these ads, you get traffic to your product page who have already seen your product and price.
Google shopping ads example

5. Google Retargeting ads

Retargeting Ads keep your brand visible after someone has visited your site.
Your banner & text ads will appear on other sites to people who have visited your site, as they browse the internet.

Your ads appear to ‘follow’ them. Ideal for long lead-in projects. With these ads, you ‘remind’ website visitors of what they were looking for and send them back to your product page. Helping them transition from a consideration and evaluation stage to making a purchase

How do Google Ads Work?

a. Search ads (lead generation)

1. Lists of keywords or phrases that you’d like to trigger your ad are defined by topic groups and locations e.g. topics might be “Hotels” and “Accommodation in Wellington”. Keywords might be phrases like “boutique hotels Wellington”, “5 star hotels Wellington”, or “luxury accommodation Wellington.” You can set locations like Auckland, Waikato, Marlborough or a 10km radius around a medical clinic.
2. Short headlines & ad text are developed to encourage people to click through to your website.
3. An affordable daily budget is set. When people type in related phrases in a Google search query, it triggers your ads that show at the top of the page. Visitors click on your ad to see your website (“pay-per-click”). Ads pause when your daily budget is exhausted.
4. Reports reveal which keyword phrases and ad variations generate the best results on your website. Many details can be refined to improve campaign performance.
There are purchase-ready customers, searching for your service or category. Why let your competitors steal all the action?

How do Google Ads Work

b. Display ads + YouTube video ads (brand awareness)

1. Google knows, from our browsing history, what our interests are and an approximation of our age and gender (this info is not personalised by your name). This means advertisers can choose the types of people they want ads shown to. Together with your Adwords Company, your target audience groups are defined. This could be by gender, region, interests (e.g. dog owners or dairy farmers), or buying behaviour (e.g. in the market for home heating). You can have one or two general keywords, but Display ads are not triggered by keywords in the same way as Search Ads.
2. Short headlines, ad text, images or short videos are developed to encourage people to click through to your website, video or app. These are streamlined so they can be rearranged in a range of sizes to fit different ad spaces.
3. A budget is set for “impressions” or “clicks”. Google then shows your ads to people who match your criteria, when they browse any of Google’s “partner” websites. These “partners” have arranged to set aside space on their website for Google to show ads. Google gives a share of the ad revenue to that website owner.
4. Your brand gets a lot of exposure to a potentially interested audience. A small percentage of these will be interested to explore your website, video or app. It’s important to have engaging content that incentivises them to take action because they were not as far down the funnel in terms of readiness when they were exposed to your ad i.e. they were not actively searching for your product. Great for brand awareness.
Take advantage of seasonal opportunities to increase visibility in relevant periods.

c. Discover ads (brand awareness)

1. Your target audience segments are selected. Google has a list of existing groups and you can tailor it by area, age etc.
2. Short headlines, ad text & eye-catching images are prepared.
3. In the first three weeks, results are slow, as the AI bots work out who clicks on your ads. Ads are shown on gmail, YouTube, and on the Google Discover app on mobile phones.
4. In the fourth week, results go ka-boom as the machine learning kicks in and results skyrocket. Whilst reach isn’t as broad as display, clicks are super cheap.

Google shopping (ecommerce sales)

d. Google Shopping (ecommerce sales)

1. You work out which products on your website have a high enough profit margin to add to your feed.
2. Your website is connected to the Merchant centre feed.
3. Your product picture, price and product name are displayed at the top of search results.
4. You pay per click, until your daily budget is reached.

e. Google retargeting (brand reminder)

1. An audience is set up inside Google Ads, to collect cookies for people who have landed on your web page.
2. The cookie is added to your website.
3. Ads are set up. You cap the frequency with which you want your ads to show to visitors.
4. Your ad is displayed several times to the people who have visited your website. Ideal for long lead in products.
How Google remarketing works


How to start Google advertising

Alexanders has 15 years experience in the management of Google Ads campaigns. Our 4 step approach to designing a Google Ads campaign is as follows:
Identify your goals, target markets and product groups to determine relevant campaign types.
Set up web tracking.
Create relevant ads - text, animated, image or video.
Run Campaigns
Run campaigns to get data and clicks, to see what’s working and converting.
Track and analyze the performance of your ads and keyword phrases. We use insights to inform tweaks to campaign creative and your website.
This last step is exciting. Once we’ve identified what’s working in Search Ads, we take the highest performing keyword phrases or ads, and use the knowledge to integrate them into your website, or adjust budget to pause underperformers and boost winners.

Having content that includes exact keyword phrases from search campaigns, and coding/titles that include them, improves your page ranking, so when a user searches for your product and service, your “organic” website will be displayed higher, improving your Ad position and reducing your cost per click.
Pay per click pricing
Google pricing

How much do I need to spend on Ads?

It comes down to what you can afford. Bigger clients typically spend $3-10k a month, medium clients $1600-$2,850k a month, and small clients $850 to $1400 a month. You can set a daily maximum budget.

The period varies according to your product seasonality and results. You don’t have to sign your life away. You can dip a toe in the water, and then extend it as your confidence grows.

Set up time by us for a campaign on a single platform varies from $3k to $1500. Most campaigns require monitoring each month to get the best performance

Googles Ads Services

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An agency that is motivated by results, not winning awards! Our approach has been offering a measured approach to multiply results for over 25 years.
With our 25 solid marketing experience in marketing-> informed and effective social marketing strategy .
Because we’re more than just a pay per click agency and also offer on-page management; analytics, youcan improve results and enhance your sales from organic search at the same



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