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BigCommerce provides a robust, scalable platform with the latest conversion tools, low on-going maintenance costs, and continual theme evolution.

Alexanders Digital Marketing was South Island’s first Certified BigCommerce partner and creates e-commerce websites that drive sales online. Not only can we help build your website but our web marketing specialists can then transform your e-commerce ambitions into reality.


Whether you are Procter & Gamble, the next Skullcandy or an ambitious NZ company, BigCommerce can power your e-commerce platform and seamlessly scale with you as your business grows.


BigCommerce has teams of engineers who ensure its native Apps and core platform are regularly maintained and fully integrated. This allows you to trial new products or promotions to increase conversion, rather than constantly fighting fires to maintain your website.


The low on-going cost of maintaining your platform makes the total cost of owning and running a large BigCommerce platform highly competitive in comparison to other e-commerce platforms.


BigCommerce continuously adds new native features to remove friction from all aspects of the e-commerce chain, from the way products are bundled and promoted, to one-stop shopping and delivery options. You can be sure that you are on top of the latest e-commerce trends.

We take care of your online presence and generating leads so you can take care of business

Reasons to choose Alexanders

Certified BigCommerce Partner

Alexanders was the first certified BigCommerce partner on the South Island and has experience in building e-commerce platforms that yield results. We have built platforms for Southern Cross Lubes, Allied Lubricants, and Oxfam NZ.

Conversion specialists

Alexanders has a strong track record in building websites that drive sales online. By tracking user behaviour and A/B testing, we will maximise your e-commerce opportunities whilst suggesting improvements for underperforming areas.

We speak your language

Based in Christchurch and travelling regularly to Auckland, our team will look to understand your business and more importantly your goals. We’ll then lead you through every step of the process, discuss what is working for similar companies and perhaps open your eyes to unthought of opportunities with your new platform.

Why re-invent the wheel? BigCommerce is a proven, scalable e-commerce platform that is rapidly acquiring big-name customers and a reputation for providing a first class, hassle-free service.

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