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Graphic design, content & branding support

In the digital age, we are one click away from engagement or desertion. Content is quickly judged as meaningful or mindless. With the dominance of mobile, we also need to be succinct – all that and do a day job… As a branding agency, it’s our day job to support you to get across the finishing line in consummate style.

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Differentiate your company & articulate your proposition

  • Identify & capture your strengths. Develop your messaging and presentation to be engaging – and consistent.
  • Insight from customers and lost prospects to identify opportunity
  • Audit your current material to check match
  • Imagery updates – photographer brief & photo shoots

Reflect your current capability

  • Logo design & responsive logo design (simpler version of your logo for smaller screen sizes)
  • Stationery refreshes inc updated electronic email signatures for your IT team to implement
  • Design of company profile
  • Office signs & branding

Support your inhouse team

  • Fresher, cleaner look and templates for your inhouse graphic designer to replicate, keeping costs contained
  • Tiered training systems to help distributors present your brand authentically
  • Brand workshops to align teams and stimulate internal leadership
  • Marketing presenter at annual conferences
  • Tidy group logos
  • Replicable websites reducing group costs
  • Brand specs manuals for consistent distributor presentation

Be recognised online

  • Design of social media banners & posts
  • Development of protocols for online posts
  • Web design, cosmetic makeovers
  • Logo versions for desktop, mobile

Reasons to choose Alexanders

As an experienced brand agency, working with corporates through to small businesses*, we can tailor a solution to suit your stage and budget.
*8 staff and above

Get guidance on a range of identity challenges from evolving your logo(s) and stationery to clarifying messages and positioning.

Get input from an intelligent team with diverse skill set, all united on one goal: multiplying your results.

Commitment to professional, sleek design. Pop in to see examples of what has worked across relevant industries.

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