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"Human beings still seek out the best of something, the item that carries with it the magic of a trained hand, of a bespoke origin and of the nostalgia for the special thing we remember." (Seth Godin). Branding your company effectively with a logo design by a trained hand, creates a platform to take your business to the next level.


Logos get updated on average every seven years.  Just as fashions fade, fonts and colours move with the times.  Are you looking to update, reposition, or reflect a new focus in your business?

5 reasons to choose Alexanders for your logo design

Professional styling

It is patently obvious when a logo design has been created by a desk top publisher rather than the trained hand of an experienced designer. At Alexanders, you'll get a contemporary logo that carries an air of credibility and the professionalism of a trained hand.

Invest now, save later

Getting your logo design right first time, will not only earn your company respect, but save you money later.  It costs less to do a good design now that will stand the test of time, than to redo your stationery, vehicles, signs and brochures because the designer (or you) took shortcuts.

14 handy formats

It's a nuisance when you find you don't have the file format you need for a specific application. Alexanders will provide your logo in 14 handy formats.  Plus if you're not sure which format to use, here's a blog by Rachel on which logo formats to use for web vs signs vs stationery.

Your opinion counts

Some agencies like to present one option, and do a hard sell.  Bad luck if your first impressions aren't good!  At Alexanders, you'll get to approve development at two stages: early concepts, to ensure we're proceeding on a mutually agreed track; and then at the shortlist stage of three or four final choices - a good time to share the visuals with a team or board if you need to get consensus.

Fresh ideas in the application of your logo

You'll probably need a business card design, electronic letterhead and email signatures, powerpoint templates, and perhaps proposal covers or brochures - even a new website might be on the cards.  We even do graphics for office fit outs, to bring your workspace alive.  We can tailor a suite of material to suit your timeframe and budget.

Proven expertise

Tap into practical advice from nearly 20 years of experience designing logos for both corporates like Tait Electronics and small to medium companies.  Get a logo that is not only attractive, but scalable, and readable! 




Here's what one of our clients had to say about working with us:

“I chose Alexanders because I liked the way they operate. They were creative and imaginative, interested in us and wanted to know what we were about. They didn’t try and reinvent us – just enhanced us. Our work was looking tired and out of date.  The branding work they did for us gave us a whole new image and self-belief. It set a platform for us to be as big as we want to be.

The artwork allowed us to take the piss out of ourselves as accountants and evolve into our potential.  People love it.  “Who the hell did that?” they ask. The work set us apart – modern and refreshing yet still professional. We’ve been growing at more than 20% pa for the last two years since the branding work. It’s still the personal relationship that matters, but I keep getting surprised about the number of people who know us. While it’s obviously not the only contributor, I have no doubt the branding was instrumental in our success. They do the job, and are patient!”
- Trevor Croy, Croys Ltd (Accounting firm).

Related logo design services:

Corporate stationery & collateral

Apply your new logo to business cards, full stationery, folders, signage, calendars, presentation tools & tradeshow livery. Ensure your brand delivery reflects your core message and positioning, and presents a consistent, credible and professional image.

Brand specs manuals & sheet

Develop a set of guidelines for application of your logo such as pictures, fonts and colours that will ensure your brand delivery is consistent, irrespective of the size of your organisation or distribution network.

Fit outs & signage

Refurbishing or moving into new premises?  Consider stylish wall graphics to liven up boardrooms, reception areas and corridors.  View examples of our office graphics.

Names, slogans & bi-lines

Ensure your name or biline help to give cues about what line of business you are in, and what you stand for.

Trade show stands

Filter out relevant targets and attract prospects onto your company stand.


Stand out on the shelves; make your packaging do the job of an invisible salesperson, encourage trial.

Brand rationalisation, architecture, workshop & audits

Articulate your competitive advantage or core brand promise. Cement core values, establish your company's personality, and one consistent message about what your company stands for.

Alexanders’ approach is a unique method of developing a powerful brand architecture that will create enduring value for your business and form a platform to underpin and give cohesion to all marketing communications. It’s about forward thinking and future proofing your identity.

Most companies are good at short-term tactical marketing initiatives but rarely get around to working on the more important longer-term aspects of branding and identity. A brand that makes a compelling connection aimed straight at the consumer’s heart is, after-all, the ultimate way to premium profit generation.




Nurture your company logo as your weapon of choice in establishing and retaining competitive advantage. Contact us to make a time to talk.

Make a strong first impression or revitalise tired or dated image with a contemporary logo design from Alexanders.

Please take a look at our logo portfolio and get in touch to discuss your upcoming needs and deadlines. You may also be interested to view our portfolio of: Corporate stationery   Trade shows  Packaging 




"Our business is about building lasting relationships. Law firms are typically stereotyped as impersonal businesses. Rachel helped us to define who we are and what core values drive our business – passionate, proven, professional. She helped us to integrate these 3 values into our marketing material and business development programme. This helped to shape our new brand focussing on people and relationships. The outcome has been very successful, resulting in excellent feedback from existing and prospective clients. Rachel clearly understands our business and her communication style and project methodology encouraged all of our team to contribute to the discussion resulting in complete buy in to our new brand."
Alan Pollard, CEO Harman Lawyers

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