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Alexanders of NZ Merino knitwear logo design, brochure design, poster design

Alexanders designed the logo, concertina brochure, labels, swing tags, instore posters and web site for this upmarket merino knitwear label.

Salomon Exist brochure design

To keep interest, the product catalogue for skis, snowboards, boots and tramping boots used a magazine style feel, combining some interesting articles, with product descriptions and a table with technial data.

Sportiva tent competition ad

This competition poster for display in selected tent retail outlets was accompanied by competition entry boxes and forms, to encourage December shoppers to choose Sportiva or Oztrail tent and accessories over other brands.  We also produced the tent catalogues for a number of years.

Survival Apparel Everwarm catalogue

Extensive work went into photographing and clear-cutting an entire thermal underwear range for this 36 pg catalogue.  We used a photo shoot for signature shots, minimising cost with existing shots and those from our own mountain-biking trips.

Sock catalogue design

Now past its use by date, this catalogue was used for ten years! We are still using this format where we pre-print a cover, intro pages, and background letterhead-style templates, and create a Word document that can be upated inhouse with new products, then you can bind it together.  This way you can tailor the product range or update pages without having to reprint entire brochures.  You can run off a set of completed catalogues, or compile versions for different customer types.

Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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