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College of Education Marketing Plan

Alexanders conducted research across five different market segments and co-ordinated a plan recommending appropriate promotional channels and messages for the year.

NZGSE postcard design

NZGSE logo design

One of our very early ones, admittedly showing its age! A logo for a graduate teachers college.

Going Places Travel & Tourism College brochure and newspaper ad

A new tourism college needed a logo, stationery, promotional brochure, ads and direct marketing tools.  Featured in pic one is the promo brochure and perforated entry form for a Careers expo day.  We offered a prize of free tickets to Robbie Williams. We garnered a database of 2,000 prospects from 6,000 attending. This mini brochure also formed a rocket which could be used as a desk prompt for school Careers Advisors. Pic 2 featuers a newspaper ad promoting an open day to predominately women 28+ who may be considering changing career.



University of Canterbury Branding Research

Alexanders researched 400 sixth, seventh form, and first year tertiary students around the country to determine appropriate positioning and point of difference for the UC brand.

The Cathedral Grammar School Open Day ad

The Cathedral Grammar School Open Day 2 ad

After market insight uncovered key drivers, advertorial was booked in selected publications (shown here Family Times) to promote open days for the Pre-School, Junior School and Intermediate.

Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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