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A refreshed brand identity reflects your core business, and gives prospects and customers cues about what you stand for. Robust logo design communicates your strength and makes a strong first impression.   Revitalising to avoid a tired or dated image occurs on average every seven years. Here are some examples of branding we have designed:




McRaeway Homes brochure design

Alexanders created a brochure design and colourway that was integrated into the web design and a cost effective solution for a trade show. "The banner was a big hit at the home show in Dunedin. Combined with the riverstones and grasses on the floor, man's shoes and shirt created a simple 3D effect that was very appealing. Thanks for your help with designing.  We love our new look and are receiving lots of compliments."  Raewyn Bell, Sales Manager, McRaeway Homes.



Orange Homes

Alexanders did a lot of work for Orange Homes pre-recession, including testing the effectiveness of alternative techniques, managing Google Adwords, billboard design, photo shoot and corporate profile design, and support advertising for Home Shows.


 Ferg Logo

  Ferg-Clearcut Truck



Sicon Ferguson

Originally we designed a corporate profile for Fergusons, then when they merged, we updated the logo and corporate profile to the new branding.




Detail Consultancy logo design

Christchurch architectural design company logo.


white traffic logo


Whites Traffic

Christchurch traffic management company logo

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