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Tait corporate profile, posters, and ads

Significant initial research with customers, suppliers and staff worldwide uncovered key values which were represented in the corporate profile, posters and the brand specs manual.

Skope Heating & Refrigeration brochure and flyer design

Pic 1: Initial research uncovered key themes that were used in trade mag advertising to builders, specifiers and architects. We reviewed and improved the structure and format of Skope's key catalogues. 

Pic 2: Skope wanted a new look to promote its new generation bathroom heaters and position the Skope product above their cheap and cheerful Chinese imported product.

Pic 3: The cheaper end product featured a different brand name, Serene.  Alexanders developed the cheerful colourway for new packaging, brochures, and trade flyers.

Donaghys brochures

Tony McDonald, Rope & Cordage Manager, Donaghys Mussel rope brochure: "Sales are up hugely!  The board looked at me sideways when I said what was possible, but we've achieved it." Arborist brochure: “We got exactly what we wanted! In this niche, you have to be talking their talk, and relating to the industry. The brochure is professional, technically informative (not just a bunch of pictures), and industry specific. We’ve had lots of good feedback - no one was expecting something of that level of professionalism from a New Zealand company - and it puts us on a par with our international competitors.”


Dynamic Controls product brochure

As electronic componentry for wheel chairs, Dynamic controls wanted to show off its technology without appearing as a wheelchair manufacturer. Featured are a product brochure and pictures of a trade show stand for Europe and North America which used abstract photography, images of key products with outlines showing where the product fitted in wheelchairs, and the new logo (representing joystick/motion and electronic circuitry).  


Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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