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 WOLFdisplay  WOLF-Pruning Saw advertorial


Seeo and monthly marketing retainer to promote traffic to this ecomerce site for garden tools. Ongoing Google Adword Campaigns, blogs, e-zine placement to selected gardeners, arborists and horticulturalists.

Biltong label designs

The challenge with this South African inspired tasty dried meat morsel, unfamiliar to most New Zealanders, was to educate the tentative public. They would pick up the packet in supermarkets or deli’s, look at it and often put it back. We wanted to encourage purchase.

“Definitely people are finding it and “getting it”. Sales have picked up. We’re getting into more places - even some less high end places. We’ve had lots of comments on the packaging improvement saying that labels look more contemporary, and attract more younger people. It’s not a hard look – we didn’t want it to be such a guy kind of food. People are putting them kids’ lunchboxes. Pak’n’Saves are doing really well with them.” Nicole Stanley.

brents-toyota buroOffice-transparent

Brents Toyota premises design

A lot of people cruise Moorhouse Ave looking for a second-hand car, so standing out from the other yards was important.  Alexanders changed the font from upper case to lower case, and introduced strong orange and chocolate colourways, recommending signage on the new building, tyre covers, car detail form formats, folders and livery.  We introduced the paw symbol to link to the cat theme.  See also our television ad under services>advertising>tv and letterbox flyer under direct marketing>letterbox.

Buro Office Chairs sales aids

With a large number of retail outlets nationwide, and a number of different chair ranges, we recommended these handy training and sales aids which reviewed the product ranges with key features and selling points.  One was produced for each range.  The screw also enabled flexibility in supplying just specific models according to which ones that retailer had agreed to stock.


Sucklings Shoes slogan concept

Sucklings had sought for years to define an appropriate slogan representing comfort and style. Alexanders developed a slogan and incorporated it into the client's existing logo . We then extrapolated a series of th e mes around travel, comfort, and Suckling's specialist fitting service. The agency proposed a contemporary ad template for the travel theme, but the client, on a tight budget, wanted to work with previous local designer to roll out the themes.

Sparrows Dept Store flyer design

Alexanders created master advertising templates for the local Ashburton newspaper to follow, and designed a multi-page letterbox flyer using imagery from clothing suppliers. We also wrote invitation letters for in-store customer evenings, full of personality.

Pronatura/Dreamwool newspaper ads

This company marketed wholesale products nationally under the Dreamwool brand, but retailed locally under the Pronatura brand which was confused with Profitness etc. The brands were rationalised to one, and a series of newspaper ads in The Christchurch Press positioned the brand at the top end.


Uncle Vern's  BBQ Sauce label design

Upgraded Uncle Vern's sauce label to be a little more sassy & sophisticated. Delicious!

Raeward Fresh TV Commercial Ad Campaign

These ads were used to launch two new stores over twelve months, and to keep the brand top of mind with existing customers. This campaign positioned Raeward as a viable alternative to supermarkets and captured the wide aisles, vibrant produce and more casual environment.



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Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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