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People drive the same route 80% of the time, so billboards provide high frequency and repetition, providing you don’t break the golden rule of seven words or less!  Great to drive people online or to complement a radio, print or TV campaign.  Also useful for targeting specific catchment areas. Catch people commuting or while they are waiting in traffic by updating your billboard design or design billboard series.

Orange Homes outdoor signage

Maintaining visibility in a period where Orange Homes were in between show homes.

Meridian Energy billboard design

With a brief to build awareness to dairy and crop farmers, Alexanders did some market insight, generated a draft ad series, tested them with the market and are going to air shortly. This is the billboard displayed in Ashburton.


CIAL poster design

CIAL Airport Posters. The brief was to promote stores within the airport environs. Research showed most sales were impulse ones, and we aimed to remind travelers of things they might need or had forgotten.


Canterbury Finance billboard design

The objective of raising awareness of Canterbury Finance for vehicle, home renovations and boats was achieved with billboard and yellow pages advertising.  This was done long before the finance sector and parent company collapse and was extremely successful.



Christchurch International Airport Signage

"Alexanders makes the effort to know our business and we feel like we are partners in the process of developing our promotional programmes. To me that means sharing in success and also exploring where we can all improve….the mark of a good agency is one that goes beyond being a production house and becomes a partner" - Glenn Wedlock, Marketing Manager, Christchurch International Airport Ltd

Cameo Grove outdoor signage

A Christchurch Property Developer wanted a contemporary, modern, catchy and cool logo which would be memorable. We also designed a sign to indicate activity is about to commence at the new subdivision.

Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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