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Launch a new product, update a tired ad design, reposition yourself or target a new market with well-thought out campaigns.  Alexanders Advertising delivers qualified advice on which newspapers or magazines have best reach to your target market, and design ads for all occasions.  From lifestyle magazines to specific trade publications, advertorial to advertising, Alexanders can guide your project to a successful measured outcome.


Copthorne Commodore Leisure Advertorial

Advertorial is a reliable way of attracting more attention than an ad, and guaranteeing what will be said about you.  This advertorial promoted the Copthorne Commodore's leisure facilities to Ashburton and Dunedin residents just after Christmas, to boost January occupancy normally filled with business guests.

IMG 1736.JPG

Continental Catering

We developed a new look, style and theme for Continental's catering division. The "catering, prepared to impress" campaign was featured in a number of local newspapers.

 print abacus

Abacus Association Accountants Journal ad

Direct marketing promotion and ad in Accountants Journal for Abacus Association which aimed to minimise attrition of current customers in the face of agressive competitor activity.

“Please accept my congratulations to you and whoever else was involved with you in the Abacus publicity and marketing campaign. I like the logo and its cleanliness and in fact the way it conveys a conservative professionalism. I am also really impressed with the 'get properly covered' brochure and the manner in which it was delivered."

Dan Virtue, Blackmore Virtue & Owens, Auckland


Christchurch & Canterbury Convention Bureau ad

The theme for promoting Chch & Canterbury in conference trade magazines as a destination to professional conference organisers was "Inspired & Unexpected".  Three ads juxtaposed Dignified & Quirky (Punting past band rotunda, Festival), Fast & Furious (rafting, gargoyle), Work & Play (conference and recreational opportunities).  We also designed the cover of the Meeting & Incentive Planner using non-traditional tourism images including the Graham Bennett sculpture outside the art gallery, the juggler/fool sculpture, and a spire from The Arts Centre.  “The three advertisements tie in well with the Meeting & Incentive Planner Cover Design. They have provided a good platform for a dynamic campaign with the strength to hold a longevity of a two year exposure. They have effectively reached our diverse yet niche conventions & incentive market with a fresh and strong approach, while the choice of placement on consecutive pages in trade magazines has maximised visual effectiveness and gained us extra editorial support.”

Annette Pendergast, Christchurch & Canterbury Convention Bureau.


Donaghys Rural Contractor ad

Agricultural contractors are a major customer for Donaghys' baling twine. They work long, hard hours in a short haymaking season, depending on the weather.  A big frustration for them if inputs fail and they have to stop the machinery to reload.  The headline "fewer pitstops, faster finish" worked well for Donaghy's high strength twines in a rural contractor magazine. See corporate profile


Dreamwool/Pronatura beds newspaper campaign

An upmarket bed retailer, the retail brands ProNatura and wholesale brand Dreamwool were united into one. This was a newspaper campaign in The Press to position the new name.


Going Places Travel & Tourism College Cow ad

A key target for tourism and travel students is people wanting to change career.  The headline for this cow in leopard's clothing was "feel like changing your spots?"


Meridian Energy Latitude Magazine ad

With a brief to build awareness to dairy and crop farmers, Alexanders did some market insight, generated a draft ad series, tested them with the market and are going to air shortly. This is the ad in Latitude Magazine.


Mutual Credit Finance Anniversary ad

Mutual Credit Finance Life Lessons Ad, rhubarb. A finance company celebrating its 50thBirthday needed to raise awareness for the first time in history, after a couple of finance company collapses had shaken confidence. 
“Thanks to the work of Alexanders, we went from a point where we were a 50 year old company, unheard of (“who the hell are you?”), to a point now when I talk to people and brokers, they’ve heard of us. Local brokering companies say “yes we want to deal with a local company.” We’ve shown the skeptics that we’re serious and will be here for the long haul. With professional marketing, people have seen our ads. It has opened doors.” Graeme Coutts, GM Mutual Credit Finance.


Orange Homes print marketing piece

Orange Homes print advertising piece. Home building company. Research indicated the brand was recognized, but not visible enough to get on shopping lists.

 print- reworks

Reworks magazine ad design

Reworks who process industrial waste and recycle it into other uses, sponsored the Speedway. This ad featured in the magazine Dirt.

 print-tl jones

TL Jones sexy lift ad

"What you get up to inside is your business.  Getting you in there safely is ours." This directory ad for a lift sensor company in an international trade magazine raised a few eyebrows!

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