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As web advertising designers in New Zealand, Alexanders Internet Marketing designs, creates and executes different
types of web advertisings. 

Genius Homes


web advertising design








Flashman Eboss Skyscraper




Flashman already had a cartoon style logo graphic. A high stand-out ad was designed for Eboss to reach specifiers and architects with this ground-breaking window and door flashing system.








Otago Polytech comparative web advertising trial

Seeking to boost enrolments, Alexanders Internet Marketing recommended testing four alternative online marketing methods including banner ads on popular sites such as Trade Me, an email campaign and a digital direct mail campaign to a regional database of relevant prospects.  The artwork was developed to brand standards.  The winner?  Trade secret I'm afraid!  If you're wondering why one ad looks plain, research shows viewers screen out ads that look like "ads" and you obtain a higher clickthrough from visuals that look like part of the site they're on.


trademe   smilecity    


New Zealand Graduate School of Education (NZGSE) web advertising

Enrolments were slower than usual, prompting a repeated campaign on Adwords, with additional trials on Facebook and Student Job Search. This banner matched the colours of the Student Job Search site.



Oxford Clinic web advertising banner


 Zeecol Limited web advertising banner on Met Service

If you spend money on print advertising, it makes sense to direct a portion to online advertising.  This Oxford Clinic liposelection ad was aired on The Press online.  

Zeecol launched a very unique product in New Zealand to turn manure into energy, to help them reach their target market and advertise their services, we designed and created a banner advertising for Met Service website. 


ezgif.com optimize


 Other options that may interest you include Google AdwordsDigital direct marketing, and Facebook campaigns.  Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss which strategies could yield new leads for you.

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