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Like your digital marketing strategy, the snowy owl hunts in silence, fixated on its target


Hit your target with a seasoned digital strategy

When developing your marketing strategy, it can be difficult to separate marketing ideas that are going to be major opportunities from those that are time wasters. This is especially true for digital marketing strategy because you’re acting in a fast-changing environment. A digital marketing tactic that worked last year may be redundant tomorrow due to a Google algorithm change.

Perhaps you have a junior who is an asset to implement tactics but does not have the experience to anticipate which path will yield higher ROI. You may have bounced around blowing budget on opportunities which looked good at face value but failed to deliver the anticipated results.

That’s where a professional digital strategist can be a real ally because (if they’re like us) they will have tracked results from initiatives across a wide range of industries, fast tracking your route to success.

If your business needs an experienced driver for marketing – but you’re not ready for a full-time chauffeur – I outline some options below that you can use with some support from a professional digital marketing strategist. But before I do, here are some specific services from Alexanders Digital Marketing that may be relevant:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Marketing Strategy Services

Digital Strategist

An Alexanders expert reviews your strengths/gaps and presents key digital opportunities. Get guidance to create your own marketing department or support to improve your digital capability. As a Christchurch-based strategic marketing agency, we can support you to reach your customers both in New Zealand and overseas.

Marketing Planning

If you prefer a planned approach, our expert formulates priorities in a Marketing Calendar or a more comprehensive set of recommendations in a full Marketing Plan based on customer insights. Receive the support of a multi-skilled team to implement agreed tactics and work towards your overall strategic marketing goals.

Marketing Packages

Our team creates long-term results – year after year of significant and sustainable growth – through looking at the stats and continually finding ways to make incremental improvements. Keep one step ahead of your competitors and play to your strengths. Marketing packages start at $1k a month.

Marketing Mentoring

You could be eligible for co-funding to grow your in-house capability with strategic marketing mentoring. This option is popular for CEO’s of SME’s <50 staff and for marketing juniors who want to beef up their digital knowledge.

Chinese Marketing

Get the low down on from Alexanders’ Chinese team on how to attract and retain more Chinese customers – whether you’re a tourism operator, targeting local Chinese New Zealanders or want to grow exports. From WeChat, Weibo to TaoBao and SkyKiwi.

Online Marketing

Haven’t got your head around online marketing yet? Explore the benefits of online marketing tools including web page optimisation, Google AdWords, social media, conversion optimisation, digital campaigns and local search.

B2B Marketing

Discover nifty tricks to grow wholesale, distribution, and export opportunities. Get marketing support from clever tradeshow marketing strategies to online marketing ideas to turn visibility into concrete leads.

App Marketing

Get strategic marketing advice to validate, develop and strategically market your app. Social media, optimisation, competition, referral and digital campaigns are all tactics we have used when marketing apps. Ask us about app marketing case studies.

5 approaches to create digital strategy, using professional support


Get quotes for priority digital marketing projects

If you haven’t yet put much focus on digital marketing, but are hungry for results ASAP, then it’s likely there are digital marketing elements that need attention. At Alexanders, our digital team will use specialist software and tools to audit your strengths and opportunities. You will receive estimates based on what you need – and what you can afford – and learn what the next steps on your journey should be. (By the way, our digital audit is free)


Learn about what you need to do first, and get on with it. This approach to marketing planning works well for mature organisations who have busy marketing departments. Get extra resource to get projects done that you simply can’t get to. This also suits a company with older management who grew up with traditional marketing, and although potentially skeptical, acknowledge it’s time to make some digital moves.


There will be additional tactics that won’t be covered, though you can come back to these later. If your management is not native to digital, some of the lingo will be hard to re-explain. We have a video to help your cause.


Get an overview of a solid range of marketing strategies

If you spend – or might potentially spend $40k+ on marketing in a year, then it’s worth ensuring that spend covers a wider range of core strategies and engaging a strategic marketing agency to help guide your spend. A marketing calendar delivers a spreadsheet of initiatives with budgets and proposed timelines.


Get a helicopter perspective of the main digital strategies, and cherry pick the strategies you want to put budget behind. Great where there’s a board or senior management – get buy in on agreed strategies, sign off on a budget, and have the freedom to implement it without having to go back to beg for funds for each initiative. You get ideas on what you can do yourself, and have the option to engage further digital strategy services where you are short on resources or know a digital strategist could do it more efficiently.


Based on an expert opinion, but not based on market feedback specific to your business.


If your marketing spend is going to be over say $80k, then a full marketing plan is warranted. Our marketing planning service usually includes a degree of customer insight – typically some marketing research or interviews.


Usually more robust, based on information direct from customers. Includes the all important objectives, hopefully some market analysis, and recommendations on things like resourcing – what the organisation needs to put in place staff-wise or systems wise. Good for franchises, companies with more than 30 staff, and larger organisations who are ready to introduce marketing when they haven’t had it before. A marketing plan is a good way of providing focus to a junior who would otherwise run around being reactive and responding to requests, when they might be more effective if proactively driving key strategies. Often get some gems for web copywriting and strategies.


More expensive. Takes a little more time – say 8 weeks.


If your budget has already been assigned, the company is very new, or the company philosophy is to do as much in-house as possible, marketing mentoring is an achievable approach. A marketing junior may not have a senior marketer to guide and train them. Or a business owner may be an expert in their profession – but know not confident in marketing. At Alexanders, we are an NZTE Regional Business Partner, and some co-funding is available to upskill businesses in Digital Marketing and Chinese Marketing.


You can get marketing mentoring in the exact area you need it. There is low overall outlay. Develop your in-house capacity and upskill available staff. Get access to top expertise without having to lose your shirt (well that’s a matter of perspective). Maybe even get a grant for up to half of the cost (conditions apply).


Higher hourly rate (well you are getting hard-earned advice from years of experience. Plus we can save you wasting thousands on low-return tactics.) You or someone in your team still has to do the hard yards. Not great if your time availability to implement is limited.


If you’re seeking a long-term, sizeable and sustainable jump in revenue, an Alexanders Accelerator (marketing retainer package) is the answer. Our experts can help you prioritise key projects, grow relevant traffic, squeeze more conversions and whip your digital marketing into top gear – steering and leveraging the time of any young marketers at your end. Know what is and isn’t working. Replace non-performing tactics with modern tactics that measurably deliver results. Turn your website into a high-performance sales-person that generates leads while you sleep.

Case Studies

Establishment of a marketing department

A group of 16 clinics all had separate local clinic and sponsorship budgets. Every vet considered him/herself a marketing expert! The board invited Rachel to suggest what needed to be done. Rachel recommended the introduction of a marketing intermediate, education of vets about marketing at an annual internal conference, rationalisation of local spend into a national budget, a plan which allowed for regional tailoring, segmentation of customer clusters, new website and an internal marketing system. Alexanders has been honoured to partner this group (now 25 clinics) for 8 years, supporting three different marketing staff with forward-thinking strategic advice.

Enhancing firm capability

An established software provider with a proven product had some technical coding capability, but lacked the time and marketing credentials to generate online leads. As a regional business partner with MBIE, Alexanders arranged some co-funding of mentoring, and provided coaching and practical support over a period of 8 weeks to take his digital elements to the level where they would self-generate leads for growth.

Upskilling a marketing junior

An organisation needed a photo shoot, but didn’t want to outsource the project to a consultant. Alexanders tailored a programme of training for the junior on how to organise a photo shoot. This allowed the client the opportunity to grow the inhouse capability and get multiple shoots organised using inhouse resources. 10 hour program also covered PR.

Reasons to choose Alexanders

Measurable results

Measurable results

Know for certain which half of your ad budget works! With digital accountability and a team focussed on results – not awards – your methodology gets tuned and polished.

We're perfectly sized

We're perfectly sized

We’re big enough to take on everything you can throw at us but not so big that you’ll get lost in the system. You get to see us before, during and after every job, not just at the Christmas party.

Automated lead generation

Automated lead generation

Turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson who delivers leads while you sleep, so you can get on with doing business, not hunting for it.

We only surprise you nicely

We only surprise you nicely

Alexanders has a transparent project management programme. You may be blown away by our work but you’ll never be blown away by an unexpected account landing on your desk.

We take care of your online presence and generating leads so you can take care of business

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