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Brochure and flyer design, Christchurch

A professional brochure design or flyer by Christchurch company Alexanders opens doors when you can't be there to fill the gaps.

We can design a brochure or flyer for you that is not only stylish and eye-catching - but also integrates sound marketing principles to set you apart from your competitors, communicate your benefits and generate leads.

"Words create worlds. Design brings those words to life." For polished brochure design or flyer design, with on-target graphic design and compelling copywriting that connects with your customers, the Alexanders team has no shortage of original ideas and innovative designs for your next brochure, flyer, catalogue, corporate profile or Annual Report.

Creative brochure design and brochure writing

From concept, design, through to printing and delivery. We can source imagery, co-ordinate a photo shoot, write the text and discuss paper options.

At Alexanders you get the benefit of a highly experienced brochure design team - a marketing expert to guide direction, an art director with an eye for design, a mac operator for cost effective changes, a professional writer to craft the text, and your very own project manager who will ensure your brochure comes in on time and on budget.

For brochure design expertise that will get you results contact us, or phone us on 03 3488 477 today. View our portfoliomeet the team or return to the Alexanders Homepage.


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