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As companies evolve, the brand and look needs to evolve with it.  If you've grown to the point that a new degree of professionalism is required, you'll be looking to up the ante. 

Graphic design has eras, just like fashion.  Colours, fonts and styles come and go.  Simply put, some designers have more clues than others!  We are often approached when an old style (or the lack of one altogether) no longer reflects where the company is at. A lack of cohesion may have come about because the company has been using a cheaper independent graphic designer or printing firm reps, or not had anyone dedicated to managing promotions consistently.

What is needed is a crisp, cohesive look to unite communication elements such as newspaper ads, web site design, brochures, enewsletters and email footers.  

Here are three important reasons why having a consistent look pays off:

1. Save time and money:  once you have the style, it can be easily applied to all other elements, so you don't need to reinvent the wheel every time you need something reworked or tweaked.  Makes the designer's job much faster.

2. Brand consistency:  your look should be instantly recognisable. Take Pak'n'Save, for example. One glance at the yellow background, and simple stick figures and you don't even need to look at the logo to know who the advertiser is.  Someone in your firm (or an agency) should be your brand guardian, ensuring that your style is implemented consistently.  That's often the problem when a company has been using multiple designers.

3. Marketing effectiveness:  Each repetition of the look builds recognition. You're not starting from scratch each time.

There are two levels of restyling you can go for.  The first is a new "look" or restyled design, which often (but not always) goes hand in hand with a new logo.  In this case we design a style, choose a font and colours, and imagery or design features which help to unite multiple pieces.

Sometimes copywriting is required as well.  We add in a "theme" and headline directions which use symbolism or an analogy to promote the company.

Take a look at our portfolio of themes and looks.


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