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DM pieces, letterbox flyers & letters reach new markets, target specific sectors and make an impact with tools and campaign teasers that achieve cut through.


We produce print and electronic newsletters, a cost effective way to solicit new business, communicate with a specific market, keep your brand top of mind and prevent attrition.

If you don't already have an enewsletter system, we can set up a system for you, including a "register" section on your website, design the template, write up the copy from your brief, and assist with the import of addresses and your first send. Thereafter making it cost effective for you to continue (or with our help on content as required).


Invitations, greeting cards, loyalty cards & vouchers

Attract attention, draw attendance, and increase your profits with tools that build relationships, provide incentives and measurable responses.


DM pieces, letterbox flyers & letters

Reach new markets, target specific sectors and make an impact with tools and campaign teasers that achieve cut through. This campaign for Advanced Fuel Tanks launched a revolutionary new industrial tank design to oil company execs.

ChChNursingBureauAbove: Christchurch Nursing Bureau Newsletter

pgg-walletAbove: PGG Wrightson Wallet

abacus-brochureAbove: Abacus Association Accountants Brochure

mg-marketingAbove: MG Marketing Brochure

BuroAbove: Buro Sales Tool - this handy guide for retail sales reps showcases the full range of office chairs available.

Databases to drive new leads

rsz harry potter owl

Drive new leads and qualified enquiries by accessing a postal, email or text database.  We can source by company size, location, occupation, industry type, number of employees, age, interest group, mortgage status, age of children, you name it!


Shotover Jet’s referral base was under threat with the departure of a key staff member. Referral agents in town were either transient, or had not refamiliarised themselves with the ride and facilities for many years. Alexanders conceived a VIP club loyalty programme. The first piece generating a 67% response rate was a postcard.


Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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