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Revitalising to avoid a tired or dated image occurs on average every seven years. From clothing or food packaging with food authority ingredient information, to appliance boxes and technology products, Alexanders can design packaging that draws attention and communicates key product benefits. Here are some examples of branding we have designed.


Biltong packaging design


The challenge with this South African inspired tasty dried meat morsel, unfamiliar to most New Zealanders, was to educate the tentative public. They would pick up the packet in supermarkets or deli’s, look at it and often put it back. We wanted to encourage purchase.

“Definitely people are finding it and “getting it”. Sales have picked up. We’re getting into more places - even some less high end places. We’ve had lots of comments on the packaging improvement saying that labels look more contemporary, and attract more younger people. It’s not a hard look – we didn’t want it to be such a guy kind of food. People are putting them kids’ lunchboxes. Pak’n’Saves are doing really well with them.” Nicole Stanle.

Skope heater boxes design


Skope offers two levels of product. The first picture shows the packaging for Skope's new generation fan heater. The second picture shows the cheerful packaging developed for the Serene towel rails,

Auravale packaging design

Mens underwear


Packaging range for men’s underwear line retailing in Ballantynes and other outlets.


Uncle Vern's BBQ Sauce label design

Uncle Vern's new sauce label. Delicious Louisiana Sauce. Upgraded the old label to be a little more sophisticated.

 perfect harmony

Perfect Harmony packaging design

Packaging for menstrual pain relief.

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