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 Abacus creative theme

 The earthquake showed how important a comprehensive insurance policy is.  This new theme "You're at risk if there's a chink in your armour" using antique intricate armour, was conceived for a division of Aon Insurance, promoting their thorough professional indemnity policy. Elements included a logo, presentation folder, ad for Accountants Journal and direct marketing campaign. 


 Skyline new look

 Skyline had a range of services from the Gondola ride, luge for the more thrill seeking market, dining options and also the haka.  We had previously through a facilitated workshops articulated the core point of difference.  Working with the original logo, the new, colour coded look was designed to showcase the full range of activities. The theme was used on brochures, tickets, posters, and a wide range directory ads.  The logo was later updated by another designer, and I have to say I prefer our look to the current one (not that I'm biassed of course!)


 Continental restyled look

 Continental Event Catering has a number of divisions, from catering, weddings, marquee hire to equipment hire and venues.  There were two web sites, and they weren't appearing on page one for any important phrases.  We developed a new look which united the company's designs across all divisions, created a new, comprehensive site, and applied the look to everything from tradeshow pull up stands, print advertising, to signage and the web site.


 Croys creative theme

A rural accounting firm of "bean counters", Croys in Ashburton were happy to see the lighter side of such a nickname. We developed a bean theme based around Jack and the Beanstalk - "a hand or two with the climb up" (beanstalk with CEO climbing it, and small seedlings growing into mature plants), expertise to help you manage "the golden egg", and coffee bean imagery.  The team fitted out a new building and the images were applied to the reception and meeting room walls in a collaborative project with the architect who loved the corporate profile. There are even bean shapes built into the carpet.


 ICL look

Ibbotson Cooney were rebranding to ICL after a change in partners.  The theme of focus (digital camera focus icon) and new colours were developed to launch the brand: Focused on your future? Navigate your options with us.  When you need to focus, get a fresh set of eyes. Buying a business? We can help you focus on what counts. The theme was used in newspaper advertorial and client communications, as well as a biline applied to stationery.


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