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A refreshed brand identitiy reflects your core business, and gives prospects and customers cues about what you stand for. Robust logo designs communicate your strength and make a strong first impression.   Revitalising to avoid a tired or dated image occurs on average every seven years. Here are some examples of logo designs we have produced for clients:
pathway dental logo stacked  

Pathway Dental

A new dental clinic in Christchurch needed a brand new logo for a new clinic opening. The logo represents the trustworthy dentists with a play on the shape of teeth to set them apart from competition. For more visit dentists Christchurch website.

 RedFox logo v2  

RedFox Engineers

With a 40 year track record in structural and seismic engineering expertise, Russell Poole brought his expertise to the engineering division of Linetech, but as Linetech's core services are in electrical asset maintenance, a new brand was established to make the unit independent and be recognised for more impetus during the rebuild.  Red Fox reflects a cross between Russell being a silver fox, and also a redhead!

878HOME-Logo RGB sm  

Home Vision Blinds

This contemporary logo for an Auckland blinds company has a casual, homely feel to it using modern styling and suited the neutral furnishing colours in most pictures in the website and brochure. It also looked really good with raspberry instead of black and was a toss up between the final two!

The Winery Riverlands logo  

The Winery Riverlands

The Winery just south of Blenheim was leased by Continental Catering as an event venue. This logo captured the Tuscan style of the building and was used for the signage and business cards, until Brancott Estate built their new premises and terminated the lease with Continental.

Rolleston subdivision  

Coles Fields Rolleston Subdivision 

This leafy emblem evokes the large section sizes and environmental focus of Coles Fields, a recent residential development by Nimbus Group. This logo was designed for versatility and used for the website, brochures, and signage to promote these Christchurch sections for sale

Rolleston subdivision christchurch  

Branthwaite Rolleston Sections

Designed for web, outdoor and print materials, this logo pays homage to the topography of Canterbury, the location for Branthwaite Rolleston, an affordable, greater Christchurch subdivision set on TC1-equivalent land in Rolleston. 

 Audiology south logo r  

Audiology South

This modern interpretation of a bass clef used in a musical score and ear shape provided a contemporary look for hearing clinics in Queenstown, Dunedin & Invercargill.



Pillars is a New Zealand charity that supports children of prisoners, aiming to break the cycle of inter-generational crime through mentoring (children of prisoners are seven times more likely to become offenders). This circle on this logo design represents the cross section of a pillar; pillars of support never crumble onder the stresses of life when they're connecting together. The smaller circle represents the children coming through as our next generation. The larger circle represents the Pillars community, who are making a positive path for these children. We also redesigned their website.

Ferg-Clearcut Truck sm  

Sicon Ferguson

The joining of Selwyn giant Sicon and West Coast mainstay Ferguson brothers created the need for a grunty logo that would suit the range of business divisions.



Cullinane Steele

A contemporary makeover for a Levin Law firm who rebranded to a simpler name.

Ecopark Logo  


Industrial waste recycling park. “In all my time in marketing (from brewing - FMCG - waste minimisation) I can’t recall ever before being so immediately impressed with a new logo and image as I was with “ecopark” from Alexanders. The process, from meeting to brief to proofs was flawless and produced a logo and look that required absolutely no changes. This was all completed under considerable time pressure imposed by us. Thanks.” Stephen Bain, Business Development Manager, TerraNova.


Oxford Clinic

Surgeons and health clinicians. The old logo with staff and circle was detailed, and the colours were looking dated. This marque retained an abstract version of a medical staff which also represents the embracing, caring nature of the services performed. A brand workshop also helped the partner surgeons to articulate their raison d'etre. This was used as the foundation for text in a corporate profile and web site. With the building destroyed, Oxford was reborn as Forte Health.

Caci Clinic Logo  

Caci Cinic

This enduring logo was designed many years ago. The figure in the middle represented feeling good about yourself, renewed confidence from skin treatments. Since then the font has been updated, but the essence of the figure has been retained in the current logo.

Benchmark Logo  


The client wanted a logo that implied measurement and process. The treatment of the A gives a mathmatical dimension.

Dynamic Logo  


A branding workshop for the manufacturer of electronic wheelchair componentry revealed that the core business was "enabling motion". This logo represents both electronic movement, and movement around a joystick.

Tait Logo  


Although we presented some more contemporary options, the client at the time opted to evolve this logo only slightly, to solve the issue of confusing type “7 AIR”. We dropped the 70's box, spread the letters a little, and rationalised many inconsistent versions for multiple business units in a comprehensive brand manual. Workshops and interviews with staff and clients defined the core values and authentic brand, displayed in point of sale posters globally.  Since this logo was done, the next marketing team were braver and opted to migrate to a contemporary look.

Abacus Logo  


This brand was designed for a professional indemnity insurance firm run by Aon Insurance. The symbol is a modern take on an old abacus. Facing aggressive competition from a new player, presenting a more professional image was key to credibility and customer retention.

PK+ Logo  


Gardner Smith launched its dry dairy feed PK+ made from palm kernal and molasses.

Winslow Logo  


Mid-Canterbury company Winslow Ltd has a wide range of agricultural services ranging from contracting, seeds to dairy technology. Consolidating several brands into their more commonly used nickname, they needed a rugged, dependable brand that could be applied across many business facets.

logo pak world


Pak World

A printer who specialised in packaging and boxes, especially those with complex folds and shapes, needed a fresh brand identity.

 Mondo Logo  


An office chair brand distributed nationally.

 Medicus Logo  


Aon Insurance extended it’s professional indemnity insurance to doctors.


MG Marketing

This popular logo represents both produce (fruit/vegetable) and global/NZ trading for the produce distribution company.

 Eco Depot Logo  


This environmental brand was for Christchurch refuse stations who recycle domestic waste.

Hoogervorst Logo  


 A simple typographic logo was developed for an architectural builder with a slim business cards to appeal to architects.

 Honey Software Logo    

Honey Software

This HR software enhances employee productivity. The logo theme shows an abstract bee pollinating a flower indicating the order and efficiency of a bee hive.

SBC Logo  


 Business consultancy franchise, part of Action Coaching. This logo reflects the energy and pace a coach brings to your business.

McArthur Ridge Logo  

McArthur Ridge

Logo for subdivisions with pinot noir grapes in Cromwell.

Supashade Logo  


A fire-resistant shade cloth for playgrounds and horticulture. Part of Donaghys that was sold to Gale Pacific.


Detail Consultancy

Christchurch architectural design consultancy.



A classic logo for an upmarket retirement village being dveloped in Ashburton.

Commtest Logo  


Commtest, Ascent, Profiler. Electronic variability measuring machines that test if bearings and machine components are worn and need replacing.

Croys Logo  


This logo for an energetic accounting firm updated the original symbol of a finger on a button on an antiquated calculator.  A brand workshop articulated the firm's core promise and values. A new creative look was applied to the corporate profile, and in wall graphics in the new office. "Alexanders didn’t try and reinvent us – just enhanced us. The branding work ...set a platform for us to be as big as we want to be. The work set us apart – modern and refreshing yet still professional...I have no doubt the branding has been instrumental in our success.”

Origin Logo  


New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association wanted a symbol developed to reflect seed that had passed certain quality criteria. This symbol is both a tick and a seedling/grass.

Merivale Logo


 Merivale Retirement Village

An elegant rendition of an earlier "m" for Merivale Retirement Village in a classic style suitable for Merivale dames!

logo- mollases


 4 Seasons Molasses

A liquid feed for dairy cows

rsz ashwood logo-rgb  

Ashwood Park Retirement Village

This Blenheim-based retirement village overlooks a bowling green and has a lovely garden.

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