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Articulate your competitive advantage or core brand promise. Cement core values, establish your company's personality, and one consistent message about what your company stands for. Communicate to all employees what the company stands for, and empower them to lead from within, standing up for values-based behaviour.  We typically facilitate workshops or interview staff and clients, then review promotional material to see where your key message falls short. If your divisions, products or brands are dated, unrelated or confusing to the market, we'll reorganise your hierarchy or redesign a consistent body of visuals, and provide a platform and framework for all future marketing efforts that will increase brand and customer loyalty.

 Tait Electronics

After interviews with over 140 staff, distributors and clients, a clear picture of the brand values emerged and was defined.  Workshops with staff throughout the organisation attracted leaders, who contributed and gained a clear picture of what the company stood for, to share this throughout the organisation.

 Dynamic Controls

At the time both a contract manufacturer and electronic wheelchair component manufacturer, the core essence was distilled and communicated in internal and external marketing.

 Gale Pacific

Over the history of the company, product brands had been developed that were inconsistent.  The ensuing collection was confusing for customers and employees, and lost potential for cross-selling.  Workshops identified and interruped unconstructive thinking, and a new plan for product structure with updated product identify visuals streamlined the company's product portfolio.

 Harman Lawyers

Two workshops with 65 staff defined the core essence and values of the firm, distilling the core problems that the organisation solved for clients.  Thereafter, staff were heard to challenge unproductive development proposals, that did not align with the core essence. From a feeling of being an "underdog", the organisation's confidence grew as a united understanding of the firm's raison d'etre had been agreed.

 Shand Thomson Accountants

Although the firm had a crisp new look, communications lacked substantiation and oomph.  Alexanders ran workshops to unveil the brand essence in order for partners to be on the same page.

 Croys Accountants

 "I chose Alexanders because I liked the way they operate. They were creative and imaginative, interested in us and wanted to know what we were about. They didn't try and reinvent us – just enhanced us. The branding work they did for us gave us a whole new image and self-belief. It set a platform for us to be as big as we want to be. The work set us apart – modern and refreshing yet still professional. We've been growing at more than 20% pa for the last two years since the branding work. It's still the personal relationship that matters, but I keep getting surprised about the number of people who know us. While it's obviously not the only contributor, I have no doubt the branding was instrumental in our success," Trevor Croy, Croys Ltd



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