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Abacus Folder Design
The database of a professional indemnity insurance firm for accountancy practices was under attack from a new player. This useful three-panel folder was part of a multi-pronged direct marketing campaign designed to retain the existing client base including a direct mail teaser, a reminder email, an online newsletter, and a pack including insurance renewal documentation. Other stationery elements included A4 covers fronts and backs for binding in proposals.  
Alexanders Internet Marketing Stationery Design
Diecut with round corners, we used only one black plate but also overglossed the business cards which are a slimline cut, for x-factor (we still like them, six years later!)    
alexstationery1 alexstationery2    
Dunstan Hills Business Card      
We wanted the business card to reflect their new orchard produce packaging - which is designed to look like an old wooden crate, with the logo burnt on the side.    
 Dunstan hills logo    
MG Marketing Folder      
An attractive folder for corporate presentations.    
Croy's Stationery Design    
We sourced a pin striped charcoal board, reminiscent of pinstripe suits!  The logo is foiled in Copper, giving a classic crisp look.    
croysstationery1 croysstationery2    
Donaghy's Folders    
Using a three panel folder enabled Donaghys to double their folder as a corporate profile.  This was matt laminated to give a smooth finish, and the pictures colour themed and photoshopped for an enduring classic style.    
donastationery1 donastationery2 donastationery3  
Gough's Calendar Design
We've done a couple of years of calendars for Goughs, showcasing equipment on the job in a variety of New Zealand environments.    
Harman's Referral Card    
Referrals from professionals are an important source on new business for Harmans Lawyers. Their innovative referral programme had more potential and was documented in a natty business card for staff to use in networking.  Sadly a new act came in which meant thank you gifts were no longer legit!    
Hoogervorst Stationery Design    
Hoogervorst builds architectural homes.  We designed a "statement" busines card for architects, featuring an image of an architectural home on the inside spread, and some simpler abstract cards for staff builders to hand out to colleagues.    
hoogervorststationery1 hoogervorststationery2 hoogervorststationery3  
Orange Homes Profile Design    
This folder doubles as a corporate profile and is used to put plan packs in for qualified leads.  The mono-pitch roof styling has since turned up in a similar version of Mike Greer signs.  Wonder where they got the idea from??!!!    
orangestationery1 orangestationery2 orangestationery3 orangestationery4
Pakworld Envelope, Stationery & Logo Design    
This packaging printer had moved into large new premises and invested in some state of the art printing presses. Alexanders designed a new logo, envelope & stationery.  The business card folded into a box with a diecut hole, promoting their packaging capability.    
pakworldstationery1 pakworldstationery2 pakworldstationery3  
Skyline Gondola Pass Card     
The client wanted their existing Gondola Pass Card template that we designed uplifted, giving it a fresh look for 2008. Using Skyline’s existing creative style, we applied these same design elements across multiple stationery items ensuring the core essence of the brand was captured.    
skylinegondolapassstationery  skylinestationery    
The Clinic Stationery Design    
This stationery for medical centre The Clinic (a sad victim of the earthquake - this was before it went to the CTV building), the stationery featured an abstract apple in zesty green.  Remember lime green and aubergine?  Great nineties colourway but well past it now!    
theclininstationery1 theclinincstationery2    
The Winery Riverlands Business Cards    

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