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Signage & Office fitout

Croys office fit out

The architect of Croys new premises in the Somerset building in Ashburton liked the Bean Counter Jack in the Beanstalk theme we'd developed in the brochure so much that he recommended we develop the theme inside on the walls. The combination of the architects use of neutral colours, with a touch of highlighted green, makes a refreshing and compelling work space for these innovative accountants.

CEO-climbing-beanstalk-at-entrance rsz alexanders -3 Alexanders -2
rsz alexanders -5 rsz beanstalk from canterbury plains

The Guardian newspaper reception

The Guardian moved into the same building. Alexanders was commissioned to create a reception wall and to brighten up the large white office space for staff upstairs. The result was a focal point that captured the rich history and prominent family members in the newspaper's history

rsz guardian reception     rsz 1alexanders -13-guardian-one

Devon Park

Site plan sign for Devon Park subdivision, Rolleston

Sign next to site-web

Makikihi Fries Fish & Chip Shop Poster

Recently having opened up distribution of frozen fries via supermarkets, it made sense for Makikihi Fries to leverage their presence in Fish & Chips to build brand awareness.  Customers wait for up to 20 minutes for fries, so Alexanders developed an illustrated poster showing the process of making fries, and building a cult following that have lead to drop ins to buy posters and requests for the poster far and wide.

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Alexanders reception foyer

The two story atrium in the foyer of our previous premises near Mandeville St in Riccarton had a large empty wall. We found some quirky quotes and used these to entertain and welcome guests.


Cariboo Posters

Cariboo wanted a repeating pattern poster of a forest they could use in point of sale displays that gave them flexibility to change length depending on variable window and wall settings.  The posters are shown here put up in their showroom but will be used in portable displays.


Perriam & Partners car

Another accountant engaged us to develop a look or theme using their existing cartoon bean. This was the resulting vehicle signage.


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