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alexanders trade show graphic design  

Dive HQ Christchurch Careers Expo stand

For the 2015 Christchurch Careers Expo - we wanted to showcase some stunning underwater photography, and key Dive Instructor positions. Attracting potential recruits to the Dive Instructor course, by holding a competition to win an underwater camera.




Meridian Energy Irrigation Conference trade stand

These extra long four metre banners attracted high-power-use farmers with central pivots at an Irrigation trade show to talk to Meridian about power savings.  We organised a photo shoot of the top banner with my cousin, well known dairy entrepreneur Doug Turner, to get an appropriate central pivot shot that would work at large scale (long and lean), and provide a local backdrop.


 Terrace View Retirement Village Highway Sign

This sign is onsite at a retirement village under construction in Ashburton, advising locals of the website and real estate agent.


Donaghys Pull up & External Banners

Donaghys has a major stand at Mystery Creek and the A&P show. This corporate stand was used both in Australia and New Zealand displays.


Dynamic Controls trade show stand design

As electronic componentry for wheel chairs, Dynamic controls wanted to show off its technology without appearing as a wheelchair manufacturer. This trade show stand for Europe and North America featured abstract photography, key products with outlines showing where the product fitted in wheelchairs, and the new logo (representing joystick/motion and electronic circuitry).

mcraeway1  McRaeway2  

McRaeway Homes Trade Show Stand

The client needed a cost effective solution for their trade show. They blew up pages from the brochure we produced and used the best image to great effect.

"The banner was a big hit at the home show in Dunedin. Combined with the riverstones and grasses on the floor, man's shoes and shirt created a simple 3D effect that was very appealing. The story brochure boards were blown up to A0 and mounted, which were striking to look at and also provided visitors with an overview of what McRaeway Homes is.  Also simple to erect and break down, everything fitted into one vehicle for a quick getaway. Thanks for your help with designing.  We love our new look and are receiving lots of compliments." Raewyn Bell, Sales Manager, McRaeway

Molasses1  Molasses4  

Four Seasons Molasses Trade Stands

Gardner Smith distributes molasses which promotes condition in dairy herds. These pull up stands depicted in a light-hearted way the benefits of the product.

2sm   2a  

Renovation Specialists Trade Show Stand

Our client wanted a wallpaper style stand, minimalist that had wow factor.  We used the headline and theme "change your home's DNA" with abstract DNA as the pattern, and loaned them our white egg chair for the show.  We also produced the competition poster and DLE brochure with perforated competition entry forms.  A large number of qualified leads were generated from the show and we produced an email newsletter template to send to leads.


Cariboo Posters

Cariboo wanted a repeating pattern poster of a forest they could use in point of sale displays that gave them flexibility to change length depending on variable window and wall settings.  The posters are shown here put up in their showroom but will be used in portable displays.


Christchurch & Canterbury Convention Bureau Pull Up Poster

This pull up stand uses the fool, a central figure in the Inspired & Unexpected Campaign, and Christchurch Art Gallery sculpture for the 2007 season promoting Christchurch & Canterbury as a conference destination.

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