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Increase conversion with customer review and ratings integration

Gain the trust of new customers by showing customer ratings and reviews.  Differentiate your search, Adwords and social media descriptions

It's no surprise that 90% of people trust peer comments, whereas only 14% what a company says about itself.  Insightful comments on Trip Advisor give a much more accurate picture of a hotel's relevance. Google's intelligentsia have started integrating reviews in Adwords listings (you may see some star ratings), Google + pages, social media, and search results.

Alexanders has investigated a number of review platforms and selected Shopper Approved as a customer review and rating service.  In a nutshell, you send out a short four-question survey to your clients, and the platform securely collects your customer reviews and ratings. These are published on a credible third party website, then you can connect these with your Adwords account and publish the reviews with a simple piece of html code on your website.  Prospects can click through to read them.

What about bad ratings? Four and five star ratings are published instantly.  You are given two weeks to contact the authors of two-star ratings and resolve their review. Research has shown tremendous effects on sales through reviews from customers.  It also indicates the review collector is as important as well. 

To find out how to integrate this into your website and Google Adwords, please contact us.


Alexanders Internet Marketing ratings and review

Alexanders Internet Marketing has an overal satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 21 paying customer rating.


Trusted customer review site

customer ratings and reviews

Shopper approved is one of the most trusted and credible brands in customer review solutions. A collaboration with Google means they your customer rating and review will appear in on Google search results.


Customer rating and reviews on Google

business rating and review

You don't want to collect business reviews and leave them unnoticed. To take full advantage of this service, Shopper Approved indexes all products ratings and reviews with major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Your ratings can appear on Google search results as well as AdWords. 


Social media integration

get more customer reviews

Integrate customer ratings and review with your social media through specially designed widgets or applications. Get more reviews and convert more potential customers to actual paying clients.


Unlimited number of reviews

customer reviews

Available in New Zealand only through Alexanders Internet Marketing. Collect an UNLIMITED number of customer reviews and ratings with no extra cost. Through our affiliation we can offer a tremendous deal with "price for life". To know more about the discounted rates available through Alexanders, contact us.


Not so positive reviews!!

star ratings

If there are bad reviews and low ratings, this system allows you to contact the owner of the review and patch things up. To keep the integrity and credibility of the service you cannot delete or tamper any of the reviews but you have two weeks  to make things right and gain another customer.


Special price only from Alexanders

customer reviewUsual pricing for business reviews is based on number of reviews collected. This means the more reviews you collect the higher the price. To adapt this service for any business, we have a specal deal only available through Alexanders Internet Marketing, with a highly discounted price available for unlimited reviews for LIFE. There is also no contracts so you can opt out when ever you want. To discuss this introductory offer, please contact us.

Shopper Approved rating and reviews

 Online ratings and reviews affect coversion more than anyother form of online advertising. No matter a product or a service, ratings and reviews are extremely effective.


Customer ratings NZ



 Shopper Approved and Search Engines

 For every review you receive there is a separately indexed page on Shopper Approved. All these reviews are then taged and can appear on search engine results. To know how it would appear better, take a look at this video.

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Alexanders Internet Marketing has an overal satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 26 paying customer rating.

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