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As one of the South Island's most experienced marketing agencies, Alexanders Internet Marketing gives you access to a formidable and friendly marketing team to develop and deliver your marketing campaign or marketing strategy. Lead by Marketing Minx Rachel Alexander (B.Com, BA, 20 years marketing experience, and former Chairperson of the Southern Branch of the Marketing Association), the marketing agency combines strategic insight with creative prowess.  Get a solid plan, followed up by innovative design ideas and dedicated project managers and programmers to deliver the outcomes.

Do you share these popular motivations for engaging marketing agencies?

  • You're so busy that you don't have time to do marketing well, or or explore a marketing opportunity.  You want to bring in a competent marketing agency to get it done properly, with some recommendations and potentially some help to execute the recommendations on a monthly basis.
  • Your company is well-established and you already spend a sizeable sum on marketing, but you're not convinced the money is well spent.  You want advice from your marketing agency on how to re-prioritise your spend.  Bring on a fresh approach! 
  • You have engaged a marketing junior with a good head to take care of communications, but they lack the experience or credibility to truly steer the business forward.  With a little independent guidance by the marketing agency, your junior can be more effective, executing a well-thought-out plan with a bit of outside help where required.
  • You've just bought a business which has sound fundamentals, but needs some contemporary marketing.  Probably the web site could perform better or perhaps the branding is tired.  It's time to energise and rejuvenate the proposition with a fresh marketing campaign, brand and or web site upgrade.
  • You are a proven entrepreneur, with capital ready to deploy a new strategy.  You want professional marketing guidance to steer the project to the best start.

Business Marketing Christchurch and NZ wide

We assist businesses around the South Island and provincial North Island with marketing strategy.  We are not a sales agency (i.e. we do not arrange and service distributors for retail products). We also do not work with start ups, unless it's an established company creating a new division.

 Consider which approach suits you:

  • If you are interested in a rebrand, web site upgrade, or marketing campaign, we typically prepare a calendar of marketing recommendations with a budget and/or media plan for consideration. This gives you reasonably quickly an idea of the direction and required budget to achieve it.
  • If the opportunity warrants further insight, or you spend more than $80,000 pa on marketing, we prefer to take the time and get insight from both customers and prospects before preparing a more comprehensive plan.  Whilst this approach takes longer, it has weight and credibility, useful where presentation to a board or executive team is on the cards and where the dollar spend may be more significant.
  • Regular, scheduled marketing consulting meetings maintain momentum and keep plans on track - typically monthly or fortnightly when more intense campaigns are being developed.
  • Once a plan is approved, many clients trust us to implement it or parts of it, naturally getting all creative and media approved prior to dispatch.
  • If you are planning to spend more than $35,000 in the next 8 months, the Stream Lead Generation System is a programme that tests and defines which  messages and media have most pulling power.  A variety of media are tested in order to hone future spend.  Ideal for testing channels in new markets, or for new products which are to be rolled out region by region.
  • Receive priority treatment with Alexanders  Accelerator,  an annual retainer contract based on an agreed plan that will gives you maximum marketing agency leverage.

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Engage a marketing agency | shift your marketing into top gear

Whether you're looking for a marketing support crew to execute your projects, or professional marketing direction and  support, the Alexanders team will bolster your team without the commitment of engaging additional staff.  We will provide - a marketing expert to guide  direction, a graphic designer, a programmer, a professional writer to create worlds with words, and a project manager to ensure  everything comes in on time and on budget.

"The  team gets inside the clients head to understand what exactly the product  is, the ethos and how the message needs to be communicated. Whilst we  have dealt with several areas of the agency, I like having one point of  contact and get speedy responses to requests. This is an unusually  successful relationship – most of our communication is electronic, as  we are based 350 kilometres away from the agency." Denis Callesen,  General Manager, The Hermitage, Aoraki Mount Cook.

Time to set yourself up for improved result? Contact us, phone 03 3488 477  or 021 556 560 today. Meet the team,  or find out more about our online marketing , Internet marketing, or Direct marketing services.


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