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Get a strategy for marketing and a marketing budget

A marketing plan gives you clear direction on where you need to go next and the marketing budget required to get there. Drive your business forwards with a detailed strategy for marketing from Alexanders:


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Marketing Plan Options

The simplest option for businesses who are new to developing marketing strategy is a marketing calendar in the form of a spreadsheet, detailing marketing recommendations with a marketing budget for consideration. This gives you reasonably quickly an idea of the direction and required budget to achieve it.  Rachel draws upon 20+ years of marketing experience and knowledge of clients we have dealt with in your industry.  This plan can be completed in a fortnight.

If you're looking for a more robust plan with a SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, goals and insight from target customers, then a full Marketing Plan may be more relevant.  Depending on the different clusters of customers you want to reach, we can vary the groups that we talk to for insight.  You can't beat getting insight straight from the customers' mouth! 

Whilst this approach takes longer, it has weight and credibility - useful where presentation to a board or executive team is on the cards and where the dollar spend may be more significant.

Typically we talk to a few existing customers (to find out what you do well) as well as some non-customers to see what you need to do to improve. You also get a Marketing Calendar as part of this plan. The full Marketing Plan requires a five or six week time frame, or slightly more if there are more than three clusters of customers to talk to.

Our digital team will include a review of your online competitors who may or may not be your traditional competitors.

For companies that are planning to spend more than $35,000 in the next 8 months, another option is the Stream Lead Generation System is a programme that tests and defines which  messages and media have most pulling power.  A variety of media are tested in order to hone future spend.  Ideal for testing channels in new markets, or for new products which are to be rolled out region by region.  This programme halved marketing spend and doubled results for a health industry business.


Marketing Budget

There are three ways to set a marketing budget.

The first is to develop a plan of what needs to be done, and select items you wish to complete in the first 12 months.  The cost of completing the approved strategies, with a few other regular costs like web hosting and yellow pages, become the marketing budget for the year.

The second is to work out the average percentage spend on marketing for your industry, and apply this to your revenue figures.  The average across all industries is 4% of turnover, with manufacturing scoring lower at 1.5-2%, and retail being higher at up to 10%.  e.g. turnover $3m x 4% = $120,000. We have some statistics if you'd like to know what the average spend for your industry is.

The third is to pick a figure of available cash and see what can be done with that.

Most of the time when we develop marketing plans for clients, they either already have a figure in mind, or else, having not invested in marketing regularly, pick a figure that the key strategies from the presented Marketing Calendar add up to.  We are flexible to work around any of these options!

Implementing your strategy for marketing

Regular, scheduled marketing consulting meetings maintain momentum and keep plans on track - typically monthly or fortnightly when more intense campaigns are being developed.

The plans will include free items that your team can do, and strategies that you may want help with.  Once a plan is approved, many clients trust us to implement it or parts of it.  Talk to us about the Alexanders Accelerator, where you set a monthly marketing budget and we meet monthly or quarterly to confirm priorities and review results .


Why choose Alexanders for your marketing plan?

You could get a fresh-faced junior marketer, but they won't have had the hands-on experience and marketing insight that Rachel Alexander has gained while dealing with hundreds of clients across multiple industries over 20 years.  Rachel has seen which campaigns work and which ones are a waste of time, and prides herself on being able to recommend which strategies are likely to have the most effect.

Comfortable guiding busy business owners, marketing managers who want to upskill in digital marketing, and marketing juniors who may head off on the wrong tack if not reined in gently, Rachel respects the fact that it's more logical for some tasks to be performed by inhouse teams. Alexanders is happy to plug the gaps and work with your team as an extended marketing department.

Plus there are a team of project managers, Adwords experts, writers, programmers and designers backing Rachel to help you in relevant projects.

Define the direction and required budget to achieve it with the help of Alexanders. Receive priority treatment and get best results with a retainer, based on an agreed plan that will gives you maximum marketing agency leverage.

Talk to us today about getting your strategy for marketing sorted.


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