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Emarketing is both a customer retention tool and lead generation tool.  Harvard Biz Review states "you can increase profit by 100% by simply retaining 5% more of your existing customers”.  What’s more, “69% of customers leave because of apathy” i.e. you make no effort to keep in touch.


We provide and can help with:

  • Setting up your email marketing system 
  • Design and coding
  • Editing and writing content
  • Sourcing of email databases for new lead generation. 

There are several e-marketing platforms we recommend, depending on the amount of emails you plan to send.

You'll get full statistics on opening, click through rate, easy upload of existing database and unsubscribe management.


When looking at E-Marketing as a new generation tool, we are agents for a large range of e-marketing databases:

  • Select a residential target by age, gender, region, interest group and income
  • Commercial email databases are not quite so complete i.e. you can source the database of mailing leads by industry code, and job title, but not all come with email addresses.
  • Email Survey databases: we are also agents for a database that has agreed to give their opinion in return for earning reward points.  You can put just one question in, or do a specific survey questionnaire to a group that meet your target definition.  The criteria held on these are very broad, enabling detailed targetting such as whether they hold a mortgage, own their own home, intend to travel, buy a car etc.
  • Campaign management.  Often, an email campaign may be part of a larger marketing campaign designed to elicit email contacts from a target group. 

Email marketing is not always more cost effective than postal, despite the low per-unit cost.  It's important to factor in average opening rates of around 29-33% when planning campaigns and enewsletters, which means that increased frequency may be called for in planning.

Contact us with details of who you’d like to target and we'll come back to you with pricing.


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