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Knowing how to advertise using Google Adwords is a critical part of successful Adwords management. Alexanders is a Google Partner, with two Google Certified staff. Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are in our opinion the most cost-effective and reliable methods of directing traffic to your website.

So what are Google Adwords?

Google is the number one search engine in New Zealand. When a user enters a search query on Google, they are shown the natural search results for that query (these are the websites ranked on the left hand side of the page, known as "Organic" Listings), along with the Google AdWords (these are "Sponsored Links" or small text ads displayed on the right hand side of the page).

Why use Alexanders to manage your Google Adwords?

By developing Google Adwords specific to your business, Alexanders will get you in front of an online market that is actively engaged in searching for information on your product or service type. Google Adwords mean your business appears on page 1 when a potential customer searches for a relevant keyword or phrase on the Google search engine.

At Alexanders, we have a dedicated staff member who works 100% in online marketing and manages all of our clients’ Google Adword accounts.

Many people find setting up their own Google Adwords complicated and time consuming – so at Alexanders we make it easy. You benefit from the insight and experience of a Google Adwords expert, plus we can monitor and refine your ads to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Alexanders is an Adwords Certified Company with experience in the management of many adwords campaigns

Google Adwords are also a cost effective, results-driven method of identifying what key words and phrases your market is entering when searching on Google.



Once identified, we then optimize your website by embedding these keywords and phrases into the text and meta tags of your website so that it will achieve a high organic (natural) ranking on Google. Our 6 step approach to designing a Google AdWords campaign is as follows:

1. Identify your goals, product groups, target demographics and competitors that people might be searching for.
2. Create relevant keywords and text ads for each of these product groups.  These can run on both the Search network and the Display network.  There are multiple ad formats from text ads, to banner and video ads.

3. Run campaigns to test the ads and keywords.
4. Track and analyse the performance of your ads, videos, key word phrases and placements.
5. Modify your campaign ads as we see what works, and retain only the most successful ads.
6. Optimise web site text with most popular search phrases.


This last step is exciting. Once we’ve identified what’s working and which search phrases are most popular, we take the most searched keyword phrases and integrate them into updated web copy. 




Having content that is seeded with these exact key word phrases, and coding/titles that includes them improves your page ranking, so when a user searches for your product and service, your "organic" web site ranking on the left will be displayed higher, improving your search engine page rankings and thereby traffic.

For expertise in Google Adwords, contact us on 03 3488 477 today.


"Rachel has been a client of mine for 5 years. I approached her as I wanted to grow my business and develop my brand and I didn't know where to start. Immediately, she made me feel at ease about the whole process and I felt very confident with the wealth of knowledge that she had on offer. Rachel at Alexanders helped me create my website, set up AdWords online and advised me on growing my online presence to create a higher search enginee rating. The results were immediate. My business started receiving an extra 2-3 new building jobs every week. In fact it was so successful, that I had to put AdWords on hold for a few months for my business to catch up with the new growth. The money I spent on developing my website and creating an online presence has paid off and I would definately recommend it above any other marketing or advertising I've tried."

 - Sam Fleetwood, Fleetwood Construction Ltd

Digital news of the month.

Google Green Ads!

Not long ago Google changed the colour of their ads from yellow to green, you may remember the "Ads" symbol on the first couple of lines of results indicating an advertisement; yes that is what has been changed. You might ask "this is not a major change, why is it important?"

Now the ads are very similar to the organic search results, this means number of clicks on the ads can potentially increase. This comes a month after Google started to show more ads on top and bottom of the first search result page. One might say, Google is looking to make more money and help more business to be found through ads. Yet comparing to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, Google's green ads are easier to spot.

Google launched green ads first in USA and then in Europe, interestingly enough the results are showing some slight change in the click through rates (CTR) on the new design, maybe a good news to advertisers to get more traffic for their money after all. 

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