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Link building is the key to gaining a page one position on Google. Getting on page one for your keyword phrase is important because 91% of people don’t bother looking at page two, and 63% in fact click on one of the top three listings.

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The traffic varies approximately like this: 40% click on the number one listing, 16% on number two, 10% on number three, 5% number four, down to 1% etc. We notice a dramatic difference in traffic when you break into the top three listings.

If you have a niche product, and there are less than ten companies trying to get on page one, it’s easy for Google. You can all fit on page one. If there are dozens of companies trying to be shown on that phrase, then the robot has to work out which site to put first.

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This is where “links” become important. Google can see all the other sites that link to yours. It looks at links as “votes”; the more votes your site has, the more popular your site is perceived to be. If you are a lonely corporate site, promoting yourself, without lots of independent people contributing opinions or linking to you, but your competitor has lots of “reviews” and “likes” and “followers” and articles pointing back to your site, hey who’s gonna get on page one?

What are “links”?

I’m not talking about “reciprocal links” where your friend says “hey let’s swap links”. This doesn’t really count. Say you see a really helpful article. You might link to it on your web site. So you can plan to write good content that attracts links from other web sites. You can write blogs and post these on blog sites, linking back to your site. You might also post press releases that link to your site, list your company in yellow pages directories, web directories etc. Then there are a whole raft of new generation sites you can link from.



Google likes to see these links “grow naturally” (not do a big spike that looks like you’ve bought them”). There’s a lot of work in building links. Most people don’t have time (or the knowledge) on how to do it. Every week or so, the Google search robots will crawl your site and see the new links you’ve gained. However it can take up to three months for the effects to truly show. 

Link building is something that most companies will need to do regularly in order to maintain a page one position on Google. Talk to us about a regular programme and watch your position and web traffic climb!






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