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Building your company Facebook page and attracting Likes

Having a company Facebook page is pertinent for many - but not all - B2C (business to consumer) clients. Here are some tips on building a company Facebook page, from the basics through to a few slighlty more advanced steps. The basics are:

1. Setting up a Company page (rather than a personal page, so you get Likes, not Friends). Or it could be a relevant Community, School or education style page. There are many types of pages, each with separate purposes so it's important to set up the correct page in the beginning so you don't lose your Fans later. You can also choose your privacy settings as to whether this will be open to view for all, or open only to those to whom you give permission.

Key tip:
I recommend having your location as part of your page name. Once you get more than 50 likes, you can't change your page name, and often there are other similarly named pages globally, making it hard for viewers to distinguish which is the local player.

2. Starting to post on your wall with chatty or exclusive content. You can post links to interesting snippets on the web or videos.

Tip: Try asking questions to elicit response, adding things like new menus if you're a restaurant, load some photo galleries, perhaps some sneak previews of upcoming product launches, and maybe a video or two.  See also our Blog, 7 ways to increase engagement on Facebook pages.

3. Adding a "designed" profile banner formatting your logo for the profile picture.  The banner should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall and if it has writing on it, make sure the writing isn't on the bottom left where the square logo box will cover it.  If you have text on your banner, a png file type often renders better.  The profile picture should be 180x180 pixels.  We recommend Irfanview.com, a free software ideal for resizing pictures.  Email us if you'd like a copy of our free guide to using Irfanview.  We can also design your banner picture if you would like some help!

Tip: The profile picture gets used as a kind of dot point for your posts so consider of how it will look as a dot point.  If your logo is long and horizontal, but you have an icon, you can try just cropping the icon, and then photoshop your full logo onto the horizontal banner. 


  4. Adding a registration module to promote a specific service, offering a free report, so you can get someone's email contacts.  It's hard to send specific messages to people who have liked you otherwise (though you can pay extra for it).  Half of people who like you do so to get discounts, so if you have some kind of offer or discount, all the better

facebook company page registration tab5. Building your following of Likes.

Obvious steps are to email your clients and ask them to like you.  Make sure you add the Like button, or "Like us on Facebook" type icon on your web site and blog page (along with other social media icons, especially Google +). Also include an incentive to like on your email newsletters. There's also a plugin showing how many likes you have that can be put on your site. You can also add your Facebook page link to your stationery.

Tip: Interestingly Facebook has a policy that you can't have competition entry draws where you get entered just for liking a page.  We can install an app on your Facebook page for running a competition if you're interested.



company facebook news post example

Tip: The best way we've found to build likes is to do a Facebook ad campaign (see above example of ad in news feed). We're finding this considerably cheaper than Adwords at present.  Facebook has the world's biggest database - and lots of great demographic data like age, region, by age of children, by interest group, and set a budget that is affordable.  So you can be really targetted and specific about who you are reaching. However, it's not so easy to do a B2B campaign on Facebook because it's hard to define targets by industry and company size.

You can even target people who like a specific group or page that is your competitor!


6.  Installing an e-newsletter subscribe tab.

If you use MailChimp, there is a simple plugin that will allow people to subscribe.


7. Adding a You Tube video channel (you need 20 Likes to do this). Salomon Freestyle have done this well.

8. Adding discussion groups or polls, creating events (you can see who is coming, not sure, and can't make it).

Alexanders Internet Marketing helps with all of these steps. Our designers and online marketers can help you to get it all rolling so please get in touch! We're happy to give you some feedback on your Facebook page, or on how to get started.

You may also be interested in our blog on Facebook company page versus web sites - where should you be concentrating your online profile.






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