We celebrated turning 10 years old with a White Party on the lawn at Rachel’s home, featuring delicious Japanese tapas from the Tepanyaki Queens who also did a fire dance for us. In June 2008, Rachel’s son suffered a tragic head injury tobogganing and was flown to Starship where he was in intensive care in a coma for 5 weeks. John and Rachel took turns at living four days a week at Ronald McDonald House and later Wilson House on the North Shore while their son – who had miraculously survived but incurred a severe brain injury and permanent motor impairment – learned to walk and talk again. Over three months while commuting to Auckland, momentum dwindled.  It took a monumental effort and incredible energy to get things rolling again. Faced with an impending recession, Rachel wondered if she could buck global trends and budget for 5% growth or if she should plan for a 30% decline. The latter ensued. Taking low hanging fruit, and with the loyalty of existing clients, the agency survived and went on to thrive.