With 9 people, only 7 desks and no room to expand, the team couldn’t wait to move into offices at 301e Blenheim Rd. It was timely – given the reducing use of the word “internet” – to rebrand from Alexanders Internet Marketing to Alexanders Digital Marketing. During strengthening, the office was decorated with a “Survival of the fittest” theme with a young stag’s head from Rachel’s partner’s farm, and an antique armadillo and boar. We also tripled our web team, with a dedicated developer, support person and project manager complementing the app team.

Rachel Alexander is an internet marketing minx with over 20 years’ experience in marketing, advertising, and branding. An initial career as marketing manager for a large corporation was followed by the last 20+ years running her own marketing agency - Alexanders Digital Marketing. Her specialties include marketing strategy, tourism and international markets, and design.
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