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WordPress Manuals and Joomla Manuals

Here are some WordPress and Joomla manuals we at Alexanders Digital Marketing have created for our clients. We hope they help you with your Joomla and Worpress editing requirements. If you need further support to make more technical changes, we are happy to give advice what is a practical way to evolve your website to the next stage.

My website looks fine on desktop but doesn’t work well on mobile. Do I need to build a new site?

The older versions of Joomla and WordPress were built in earlier versions of php which don’t resize well for mobile. You would need to update to a new version, and build new templates for mobile – or it’s often just as cost effective to find a new theme that already works on mobile, and move the content over. For more guidance, drop us a line.

I want to add some functionality but don’t have the time to stuff around. However I am fine with editing text and photos. Can you help me to make some changes?

Sure. Please send us an email with some details and we will suggest some options. It’s sensible to make most simple edits yourself, but we are there to help if you get snowed under and need some extra support to get the project across the line.

What sort of WordPress support can you provide?

Our WordPress support service is popular with clients who have had a basic WordPress site created that they want to expand on or are dealing with an unresponsive programmer (it still happens surprisingly frequently).

WordPress web support services include:

  • Fast, secure hosting services
  • Designing a new site
  • Upgrading your existing site to the latest platform to be proactive against cybersecurity threats
  • Making the site mobile-first
  • Installing secure certificates (https)
  • Adding new pages
  • Installing blog modules
  • Changing ‘Meet the Team’ pictures
  • Adding media including video or picture galleries
  • Adding a rotating brands band or case studies
  • Optimising your website to generate more leads
  • Adding robust review functionality
  • Training new team members to edit content
  • Customising pages
  • Editing form fields
  • Excluding countries that fill up your email inbox with spam
  • Installing GDPR cookie modules
  • Changing contact form modules so all email enquiries are backed up on the server in case of downtime

We have three web hosting packages with varying levels of support, or you can engage us on an hourly basis.

Let’s work together to keep your website relevant, secure and engaging.

Is Joomla still the way to go?

We originally built most of our sites in Joomla which, at the time, was a great solution for corporate websites. It is still fine – and had advantages with large sites due to page categories. However, WordPress has developed at a faster rate and the code is less clumsy. So now we build in WordPress which most people find easier to use.

Both WordPress and Joomla are built in php which is the main language our inhouse programmers use. We can support you with simple Joomla content edits, and our offshore team in Asia are Joomla specialists. If you want help with your Joomla site, it’s reassuring to have a local point of contact fluent in English with no hard-to-hear phone lines.

All Joomla support project management is handled in NZ by our Christchurch team who have been working with our international programmers over several years and have the briefing and proofing routine down pat.

What’s involved with moving a website from Joomla to WordPress

If you would like interim support with your Joomla site, with a view to moving it to WordPress, get in touch.

We do sometimes offer a very cheap price to rebuild old simple Joomla sites in a WordPress theme, which then allows us to help you develop content on a more modern platform. If you are thinking of re-skinning or rebuilding a Joomla site, it can be done. However, if it hasn’t had much attention for several years, then it will most likely be more efficient to completely rebuild it in WordPress. This is because the old Joomla platforms weren’t designed to be mobile-responsive, let alone mobile-first.

Mobile-first is a philosophy derived from the fact that most sites are now more likely to be accessed via a smartphone than a desktop computer. Therefore, you need to re-orient your content and design elements to meet a mobile user’s needs.

Think short chunks of content with subheadings, clickable phone numbers, and buttons and text big enough to read and press. Typically, that means we need to prepare a new plan for the page. Most likely your content is due for a thorough audit anyway!

Many of the old Joomla modules – when you try and convert them to the latest plugins – no longer function and we spend large chunks of time trying to find what incompatibility is causing a module not to operate as expected – time which could have been better utilised making a new site. That makes it difficult to accurately estimate an upgrade compared to a build using WordPress technology we know will do what’s expected – well most of the time anyway. We hate surprises and are sure you do too!

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