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Not all websites are created equal. How can you turn more browsers into buyers? Independent website advice keeps your site progressive and competitive.

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Do you relate to any of these common drivers for website consulting?

• Why spend more on pay-per click ads – when you know there’s a way to turn more browsers into buyers?
• You’d like your website to generate more customer enquiries or sales so you can spend less time hunting business and more time closing sales.
• You’d like to be more visible in search results.
• Your web agency said they’d “done” some search optimisation, or you’ve been paying a small amount monthly, but you’re not sure if it’s been done well.
• You’re not appearing much in online searches for your categories of products and services.
• A competitor seems to be savvy with their marketing and is getting more than their fair share of visibility online.

Break through to the next stage to generate a measurable increase in phone/email enquiries and sales

Get web advice to:

  • Identify easy-to-remedy challenges that might be preventing your web visitors from taking action.
  • Learn what's required to make your website is more visible and easily discoverable in search - that means more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.
  • Explore what you can do squeeze more leads from the existing users on your website
  • Understand the tweaks you could make that will give you quick wins, what you can do yourself, and what might need web consultants’ support.
  • Learn the next steps to use marketing automation to nurture leads and build your brand, while you sleep.

8 ways to improve websites without rebuilding

Work on pages with higher attrition (where people leave your site)
Search optimisation to attract more traffic
Improve the site’s mobile experience & speed
Engaging copy - succinct and motivating, with reviews
Add landing pages with more detail on specific services that answer questions according to different levels of readiness
Improve user experience with easier navigation, engaging visuals, interactive features & clear customer journeys
Calls to action – talk to us about ideas you can steal to capture more leads and nurture them
Create pathways for different customer types that quickly take them to relevant information in just a few clicks

What's included in a website audit?



Assessment of site's strengths and opportunities against our 60 point checklist –covering user experience, usability, mobile experience, measurability, design appeal, engagement, navigation, flow to conversion. 


Technical analysis & health check - speed platform health & SEO methodology

What types of websites will benefit from an assessment?

Company websites, education websites, ecommerce websites, non-profit websites

Types of website audits

Content Effectiveness

How well your content reads and calls visitors to action is a core ingredient worth revisiting. We’ll look at the readability score that Google gives you (Google rewards sites with simple language with higher rankings) and how well it is broken up into shorter paragraphs for optimal reading.

Design/User Experience

There are a number of ingredients that differentiate successful sites from “profile sites.” We will check how the site renders on desktop and mobile phones. Older websites often were not designed to deliver a good experience on Mobile. Mobile users in NZ generally make up over 52% of devices for web visits. Web design agency helps create a website that's easy to use and navigate, giving people a better experience.

SEO Audit

Discover how well your website has been optimised for search. An SEO Audit from Alexanders’ experienced SEO Consultant will cut the wheat from the chaff. Find out if your optimisation was done by a professional or an amateur, or using techniques that are no longer valid. Older techniques occasionally still work for long-tail, low traffic phrases, but the rise in popularity of search marketing means that SEO techniques that once worked a treat simply don’t cut the mustard. Our SEO services will make sure your website is set up to grow. Give dusty SEO a well-deserved polish.

Colors, spacing and design

Short attention spans and skim reading mean that concise paragraphs, with larger font sizes, and enough space to give them breathing room, are the hallmarks of a contemporary website. Dark backgrounds make it difficult to hold attention if there is a lot of text. Long videos and big banners can make your site slow. Simple fixes!

Accessibility / Website Structure

A poor website structure or navigation can lead to exasperation, while visitors try to find the content that they are searching for. Meta tags, how structured content is, and how effective your internal interlinking is will be evaluated.

CMS Platform check

CMS platforms and their plugins can enhance the functionality of a website, but they can also put both your business and your customers at risk when they become outdated. We will check your site for security risks and shelf life. Is it safe to continue making changes on this version of your site, or would it be good money after bad? Would you be better to replicate the site on a new platform to make changes? Is your website platform still supported or at risk from a cyber security point of view?

Web speed Audit

How quickly does your website download on mobile? Ideal is less than 3 seconds. Google keeps moving the bar so it’s important not to rest on your laurels.

How much does a web assessment cost?

Websites <5 pages

with 30 min online meeting to share feedback


Websites 6-20 pages

with 30 min online meeting to share feedback


Websites 21+ pages

With one hour online or meeting in person to discuss priorities.


Website consulting steps

4 steps to website success






Assistance to implement technical recommendations


Mentoring & support on content edits

Website Assessment Packages

Catalyst for growth

Why choose Alexanders?

Meet our power trio: Rachel Lyndal & Paul, whose skillsets cover design, seo marketing, funnels + technical performance. We have other team members but these extremely knowledgeable web consultants know how to turn more browsers into buyers through improving customer experience.

Our in house tech/programming guru Paul has developed 100’s of sites, from the simple to the very technical, over a 20+ year career in NZ. Paul develops websites, (lives and breathes them), and has loved coding since the start of his career. He is the one who can bring you insights and fixes those tricky, hard to resolve tech issues. Paul will request a login, so he can examine your site’s technical set up (no changes are made during the audit).

Lyndal is an expert in funnels and marketing automation – imagine your site being able to nurture your leads and convince them - without you having to lift a finger.

Rachel is a marketing and seo expert who brings a rare blend of being both results-and design-focused, which means she understands the strength of web text and headlines, customer journeys, visual trends, and brings extensive experience in search marketing.

Download your Free 60-point Website audit checklist

Self diagnose improvements with our 25 point checklist. Covers how to check your readability score, how to assess if your site download speed meets current standards, a quick way to determine the state of SEO optimisation on your site, some examples for you to compare and evaluate how compelling your content is, how well your structure is set up to leads visitors to action, if your Analytics are set up.

Convert browsers into buyers by creating great customer experiences

Book your
web assessment
This is a 20 minute phone, Zoom or Teams conversation with Rachel to get clarity on where you’re at right now, what your project is and what you’d like to accomplish. If the fit is good, the next step is to schedule a one-hour complimentary strategy meeting.

Catalyst for growth

Why choose Alexanders?
Guidance based on thorough knowledge of copywriting techniques, conversion tactics, trendy graphic design, and results .

Custom made content ideas on niches with creativity (we have an in-house team dedicated to this!) 

With our 25 solid marketing experience in marketing-> informed and effective social marketing strategy .


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