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"Search engine optimisation or seo for short, is the number one tool to attract more website traffic", says Christchurch search marketing (SEO) expert, Rachel Alexander. You've invested marketing dollars in your web site. Now search engine optimisation is the tool to get a higher rank, and in turn, you'll get more traffic. 91% web users do not look at page two and 63% click on one of the top 3 organic results on page one.Therefore search engine optimisation is the key to web site ROI.




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When should you start seo?

Ideally search engine optimisation planning should occur before you update your site, as it is likely to affect your menu structure based on using the language most often used by customers in your navigation menus.

However seo can be implemented at any time. In fact search engine optimisation should be an ongoing process with monthly commitment to getting, and staying ahead of the pack.

Two stages of search engine optimization

There are two major stages in search engine optimisation. The first is "on site" optimisation. This refers to the key factors you can influence on your own web site. On site optimisation involves editing the copy, headings, coding and links to be keyword rich. Therefore the first step is keyword analysis, and picking the right phrases to optimise for search marketing.

See related blog - web SEO tips: The top two mistakes companies make with keywords. Selection of appropriate key phrases should be based on scientific analysis, not guesswork.

After keyword analysis is complete, Alexanders prepares a technical brief outlining the changes to copy, new pages to add, new links, and new headings. You can load this but we often do it for you in our search marketing programme if your site is built in Joomla or Wordpress.

Mostly it involves tweaking, rather than reinventing your site. We then measure your current performance on these keywords, in terms of how well you are currently optimised for search engines on these phrases. This gives a baseline for future search engine optimisation efforts.

For some keywords, this is sufficient to give you a page one ranking. For others with stronger competition, the second phase of search engine optimisation needs to take place. This is called "off site" optimisation. Alexanders' team review your competitors on key phrases, determine how they have achieved a higher position, and develop a plan to outwit and outrank them.

See related blog: How do search engines rank web sites? Insight to page ranking.



This plan usually involves blogs, article submissions, link building and social media sites - but not a random, take a stab approach - a highly targeted, secret spy approach! It takes a more concerted effort and results may take around three months to become apparent. However position = traffic. Usually off-site search engine optimisation is required for the most relevant, and harder to compete on phrases.

How much should I budget for search marketing?

There's no point having a web site if the people you want to see it can't find it when searching. Search marketing is simply that - marketing so people who are searching for your service or product find you. Many people tell me "but I'm number one on Google for my name!" Usually Google does rank you number one on your name. But we look at the statistics on many phrases daily, and it is by general category that people search most frequently, not brand name (unless you are a Nike!). So if you haven't made a conscious effort to decide which keywords you want to be found for (outside your brand name), chances are the Google Robots don't know either.

The problem is that your competitors may be investing regularly in search marketing and rankings can change on a weekly basis. Assuming your product is not a youth brand (when you should allow more than average for search marketing), and knowing that 48% of media time is spent on the internet or smartphone, 48% of your budget should be on web marketing.

If you do not have an allocated budget, then I recommend a minimum of $2,500 for onsite optimisation even for small companies, and $500 a month for off site marketing for a few months a year. Updating your web site is a major investment. Now you want people to come and see it (or get our help to make it more compelling!).

Here's an analogy - there is no point in spending millions a fancy new fit out for a store if you also do not invest in search marketing to bring people into the store.



Search engine marketing #1 ammunition

At least 25% of pre-purchase research is done online - it's a great way to search anonymously without the hard sell. So search engine optimisation is a powerful strategy.

"I'm turning two or three leads away a week, and am booked up for three months in advance. Ever since Alexanders did the optimisation, the site has delivered a regular stream of leads. I'm getting a lot of enquiry from outside Christchurch too, and have secured a number of jobs in Queenstown. My business has grown and we've moved premises." Jeff, Detail Consultancy.

Begin search marketing now, and steal a march on your competitors. Talk to us about our four stage search marketing process which starts for as little as $NZ2,500. Phone Rachel on 03 348 8477. 

Search marketing vs pay per click

Search engine optimisation should go hand in hand with pay per click advertising. In New Zealand this is especially important with Google Adwords.

A US study shows that almost a quarter of people observing ads search based on the ad topic rather than clicking on the ad link. The danger is you actually drive traffic to your competitors if your organic optimization is not concurrent with your pay per click ads.

If you develop a good online marketing plan, both should be well covered (this is an area we have specialist expertise in. Alexanders are Google Partners and we have several Adwords Certified team members).

Please get in touch with our seo Christchurch experts to talk about your digital strategy for the upcoming year ph 03 3488 477 or Contact Us to discuss which search marketing services are right you.


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