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Web development - Christchurch geeks outnumbered by marketers

Web development based purely on programming skills lacks engagement; websites developed purely on design lack substance. At Christchurch web development company, Alexanders Internet Marketing, you’ll find a mix of left- and right-brained thinkers. You’ll get a team that presents your company professionally AND gets a high conversion rate, backed by robust programming. 

Yes that’s right: at Alexanders, marketers outnumber geeks. We can’t help ourselves but make sure you’ve got a robust strategy to drive traffic to it as well as doing a thorough job of web development to magnetise prospects.

Own your web development

We work in two of the world’s leading open-source web development platforms (P.S. “open source” means that you won’t have to pay a high hosting fee every month to licence someone else’s web platform!). This means that for non-ecommerce websites, we don’t believe in trapping you into a proprietary web development platform that leaves you high and dry if you want to change companies. 

Our business web platform comes with lots of extra plugins, and a large global community continuing to build and update modules for almost anything you’ll want, be it client logins, an enewsletter plugin to MailChimp, a blog system, product catalogue or photo gallery. Except when it comes to ecommerce, that is! For most company websites, the open-source platform we recommend is ideal.


When it comes to ecommerce, joining together lots of modules created by a variety of global programmers presents inherent security risks. We recommend an Australian ecommerce system that offers plenty of power for future growth, seamless integration between modules, and a user-friendly interface.

And sorry, it does come with a higher monthly hosting fee. But we think you’ll agree when you see the features and security offered, that it’s worth it for peace of mind. Plus it’s not ours so you can still take the reins with you.

Web development of existing websites

On occasions, a client comes to us asking for further web development of an existing site. Depending on the platform that the site was built in, we can either take over the existing site, or rebuild an identical site in a new platform.

This means you can utilise the current theme and text, while leveraging the benefits of new technology e.g. modules for optimising the site for search engine rankings, action footers (subscribe, contact etc), social media links and/or blog functionality.

If you want your web site to be accountable, to act as your silent salesperson delivering a stream of relevant leads, get the marketing edge, without shackles. Talk to us, review our online marketing options, or check out our web design portfolio.

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