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It’s the ultimate information resource; the web allows you to check out a company anonymously without a heavy-handed sales rep breathing down your neck. In 2012, 88% of US internet users browsed or researched products online in and 83% purchased online.

Web Videos

Web videos and blogs are key tools to build credibility and trust, turning your web site into a silent salesman.  Punters get a sense of whether you’re on the same page, without you having to lift the phone.  Of course, you’ve got to record the video or write the blog, and arrange for it to be visible.  This might entail posting it not only on your own site, but on relevant video sharing sites or Linked In groups, forums and blog sites.  Hopefully you’ll also have a “like” or “subscribe” functionality created to capture leads if you don’t have an ecommerce site.

At Alexanders, we can help to:

  • Evolve your web site to incorporate blog functionality
  • Write and/or promote your blogs to relevant audiences
  • Work with you to present your company on video online:

    a) A quick and economical online video solution is to send us some photos; we can write captions and create an animated slideshow video – ideal if you already have some great photography.
    b) If you are demonstrating software or explaining graphs or procedures, we can record a soundtrack as you talk through a powerpoint presentation or live internet demonstration
    c) Where credibility is important, we can film a “talking head” video onsite at your office, or at ours, and/or edit in other footage that we can shoot or integrate (good for an intro video, tips video or topical issue)
    d) If presentation is important, we can cast, screen test and hire models to be the face of your company, and prepare a script – ideal for web site home page introduction videos.

 46% of people who created company blogs reported acquiring a customer by these means (2012).  71% of internet users globally watch videos. 32% of online videos were watched on a mobile platform.  30% were watched on a smartphone.



Egyptian Facial Massage Video


Croys Video

Lane Neave Video


If you don’t have videos or blogs, there’s no doubt that now is the time!  Call us to discuss how to integrate these into your marketing strategy.




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