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There’s a lot to organize to keep your web site up with the play: content updates, adding in new products, additional menu items, pictures, blogs, specials, interesting articles, topical videos, new rotating banners, and your latest enewsletter to name a few.

You may or may not have the time or the capability to do these updates in-house.  Sooner or later you may need some backup: either it’s more expedient to outsource this work so you can get on with other important tasks, or it’s not worth your time skilling up in the more technical aspects of web management.

Alexanders assists with web management if your site was built using the following platforms: Joomla, Wordpress and Big Commerce.  Not sure what your site was built in?  Email us your url and we’ll take a look.

We can also build mobile versions of sites.
Providing you have the admin passwords (and ideally ftp passwords), we can usually take over an existing site and update it.  Most platforms have regular updates to newer versions.  It is important to upgrade to a new platform every so often, as hackers get in and render the older versions less secure – and less compatible with newer plugins that you may be planning to integrate. 

Sometimes it is cheaper to rebuild a site in the newer version than continue with the old one.


VetEnt web management

We rebuilt this large site and maintain it regularly in conjunction with the Marketing Co-ordinator by designing monthly specials, adding in new clinics, and building links.  We created a new module for North Island clients to log in and view weekly spore count graphs in 50 specific regions.  This is supported by weekly emails.  We set up the email system with a range of banners for each department, so they can manage the send from their end. View website >>

Copthorne Hotel Commodore

This site was already set up with an online reservations system, but was not appearing in Google on page one for any phrases.  We optimised the site, adding extra landing pages, doing link building to get it onto page one, and making some recommendations for reconfiguring content and galleries to make the site more practical to use. View website >>
Advanced fuel tanks web management

Advanced Fuel Tanks web management

This site was originally built by another firm and still carries the original frame they designed.  The client asked us to manage the site since we were managing the marketing and graphic design.  We added new products, introduced a range overview page, optimized the site and built position on Google to page one for most phrases (this involved adding extra landing pages), and created a back-end database and short-term competition to sign up for enewsletters/go in the draw to win a big screen television.  We updated and loaded new pdf brochures and pictures, and reconfigured the Contact Us page to reflect the expanded international licensees and distributors. We also managed the multiple domains, and shifted the site to the .com.au domain to build the profile of the Australian office which has grown significantly on the back of their strong Australian online position. View website >>
Flashman web management

Flashman web management

Initially, we rebuilt a replica of the existing site in a more modern version of the platform, introducing a new banner style reflecting the brand (which was at the time a cartoon look matching their logo caricature).  We introduced subpages off the home page for the different markets of architects, builders, councils and home owners.  As technical drawings, and before and after photos became available of remedial window and door flashings, we added a photo gallery, and expanded the technical drawing section for architects.  We designed and animated advertising banners on other sites to drive pre-qualified traffic.  A few years later, we were asked to redesign the site to a more corporate look (using the same platform but with a cosmetic makeover), and reconfigure the content to allow for entry into another major product market.  We also did some link building and optimization of the site on key phrases as well as designing a map to find the location of distributors.  The cosmetic makeover also allowed us some time to streamline the internal pages to a sharper finish. View website >>

Touchdown Car Rentals

We designed the logo, defined the structure and wrote content for this site which was built by the client's incumbent web partner, optimising it and building articles and blogs for performance.

  Talk to us about how we can help to manage your site going forward or have a look at our web design portfolio.     

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