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Meet Alexanders Web Design Team

Videos can help showcase your services, industries, your team and processes faster and more effectively, and with high speed internet it is a necessity to engage your users with videos. We created this video for our own services and our team and in just over one minute, we can show you who we are and what we do.


Holly Lea Retirement village

To promote their facilities, we designed and developed a new website as well as this promotional video. Among Christchurch Retirement Villages, Holly Lea is a premier option offering gracious and spacious apartment living.


Product Video

Egyptian Facial Massage has to be experienced to be believed!  I highly recommend this as a gift.  Ultimately relaxing and healing.


Showhome online video

This virtual tour of the showhome showcases the calibre of builds that Lawson Homes can do, allowing people to vet them anonymously from the comfort of home.


Lane Neave Video

A short infographic video was produced for Lane Neave's immigration law team for use online.


Viral video

When viral videos were first introduced, we made a comical video about a provocative encounter at the office which went viral and attracted polarised opinion.  We can't guarantee this treatment to all clients!  View with a sense of humour...


Quirky web video

This video celebrated the growth of Croys accounting using our quirky Jack in the Beanstalk theme

TV Ads


35% of media time overall is spent watching television. Combining voice, images and movement, TV ads enable you to engage your customers and tell a vivid story. Given you have suitable budget (min $100k locally, min $250k nationally), a TV ad campaign can work wonders. On a lesser note, there are local programmes which work well to home-based females, proven winners for home-related products and services.



Brents Toyotas TV commercial ad series

Research showed previous advertising with cats had strong recall of Brents Toyotas'. However the bow tie and stroking the tabby were verging on cheesy, so Alexanders reworked a campaign utilizing cats in a more creative way to illustrate advantages of buying a car from Brents e.g. dirty pawprints on bedspread = four wheel drive Landcruisers, adventuring. Mousetrap = our 3 month warranty ensures you won't get caught out. Fish bowl = catch a good deal.

We also created a bloopers ad out of the footage of cats not acting on cue! The client is still using these television commercial ads three years later. The donut beginning/end frames minimised the amount of cat footage required.




Raeward Fresh television commercial

This television commercial ad was used to launch two new stores over twelve months, and to keep the brand top of mind with existing customers. This campaign positioned Raeward as a viable alternative to supermarkets and captured the wide aisles, vibrant produce and more casual environment. View ad here.




South Canterbury Finance television commercial


With multiple regional brands making it hard to gain recognition as one of the dominant players in the finance industry, South Canterbury Finance branches united under the umbrella SC Finance to promote lending for vehicles and home renovations. 

Digital Chinese Marketing

Explore how to reach Chinese residents, tourists and companies in China with WeChat advertising, Chinese social media and PR.

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