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Rachel Alexander – CEO

Rachel founded Alexanders 20 years ago as a marketing consultancy in 1996 and now has over 25 years of strategic marketing advice under her belt. Self-Employed Woman of the Year (Sth Is) 2000. Formerly Tourism & Marketing Consultant KPMG (3 yrs), & a variety of marketing roles for companies including T & Ski, Air New Zealand (Cargo), LWR Industries (apparel), Allied Mortgage Guarantee (United Bank), and Solar Wings (UK manufacturer/exporter). Enjoys hunting and polo (horses), skiing, shares & gardening. Mother to two bumptious boys, aged 11, 13 and stepdaughter 17. Partnered to a North Canterbury farmer.

See what Steve Gurney has to say about Rachel
“Rachel has mastered many of life’s dances. I first met Rachel when she was a hang-gliding competitor. It was her aliveness and zest for her sport that first magnetised my attention. I wanted to learn her unique combination of savvy planning, determination and fun. I thought I was doing it hard in my wee minority sport of Coast to Coast Adventure racing, but against huge gender odds in a less than minority sport of hang-gliding, Rach achieved world fame. What truly shows her brain must be bigger than a planet is the way she successfully adds more and more complex dances to her repertoire.”
-Steve Gurney

As one of Christchurch’s leading marketing consultants, Rachel has completed projects for Ngai Tahu, UniMed Health Insurance, VBase, Veterinary Enterprises, Christchurch International Airport, Skope, Tait, Dynamic Controls and a number of retirement villages.

  • Kristin Lepkowski
    Kristin Lepkowski Digital Account Manager

    Kristin (pronounced “Christine”) has 8 years’ experience in digital agencies and publishers in Germany and Denmark. She brings specialist digital and social media knowledge on Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate, E-Mail Marketing and performance marketing. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys hiking, biking and kayaking. Having travelled more than 40 countries, she has finally settled in the place she loves the most: New Zealand.

  • Mateo Alessio-Ferranti
    Mateo Alessio-Ferranti Project Manager

    Adwords and optimisation Project Manager. After graduating with a degree in Advertising and an eCommerce Diploma from Argentina, Mateo worked for a digital agency for 3 years with a focus on pay-per-click campaigns and search engine optimization. He ran a large number of campaigns in hospitality, real estate and services, Mateo brings a goal oriented approach to optimizing online performance.

  • Paul Swafford
    Paul Swafford Web Developer

    With 30 years of being an IT geek and software engineer, Paul has the passion and off-the-scale IQ to resolve any coding challenge in php with specialist WordPress and WooCommerce knowledge.  Uni was cast aside when his part time business taking apart PC’s took off. He has developed online learning software, an online business directory, iOS apps and an online accounting systems (pre-Xero). Paul is BigCommerce and AWS Hosting certified

  • Brodie Thompson
    Brodie Thompson Designer

    Born and raised in Central Otago, Brodie followed his passion to Christchurch after being awarded a scholarship to study Visual Communication Art and Design at the Design & Arts College of NZ. Brodie has spent the last 14 years in the design industry in Christchurch and brings his experience and talent for design and branding to the Alexanders team.

  • Kerryn Lyes
    Kerryn Lyes Copywriter

    After completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing at the University of Canterbury, Kerryn has gained practical experience in written communication. She delivers content with voice, style and purpose for both digital and print media. She achieves a balanced lifestyle through landscape photography, group fitness and tramping.

  • Ivy Cui
    Ivy Cui Chinese Account Executive

    Ivy Cui is from Xian in China and curates content for a number of Chinese social media accounts. Having worked in a souvenir shop, she brings strong cultural knowledge of how Chinese in China and visitors in NZ use media. Ivy brings fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese, and proven success at formulating regular posts that also generate ecommerce sales.

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