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About Alexanders

It was a passion for performance that led Rachel to establish a marketing company in Christchurch 1996. Frustrated at seeing otherwise talented business owners frittering marketing budgets away with a low return, Rachel committed to help NZ businesses achieve better results from their marketing. Christchurch-based with a team of 6-8 staff, Rachel was an intrepid adventurer in her youth and loves zipping up or down to Auckland, Hamilton, and Invercargill.  These days it’s also convenient to meet clients from Sydney, Melbourne and provincial areas on Skype/Zoom.

Our History


Move & Rebrand

With 9 people, only 7 desks and no room to expand, the team couldn’t wait to move into offices at 301e Blenheim Rd. It was timely – given the reducing use of the word “internet” – to rebrand from Alexanders Internet Marketing to Alexanders Digital Marketing. During strengthening, the office was decorated with a “Survival of the fittest” theme with a young stag’s head from Rachel’s partner’s farm, and an antique armadillo and boar. We also tripled our web team, with a dedicated developer, support person and project manager complementing the app team.


Steampunk party celebrated 20 years in business

Turning 20 is a milestone not to be missed.  Here is the team at our Steampunk party at Fendalton Road.



Two Rachels - Dynamic Duo

Rachel Crockett and Rachel Alexander were a formidable marketing duo. Here is a photoshopped shot of the two Rachels on Kardashian sister bodies.  It was censored from our newsletter but captured the great comradery between the team at the time.


Web services

With demand for web layouts growing, we decided to offer web development to back up the design capability, and contracted Richard to provide local web development services, followed by taking on board a former programmer from Hairy Lemon.


Unlike many who had to move out of the CBD, we were able to stay in our premises in Fendalton, except for a short stint in a rented house in Memorial Ave while repairs were completed. Yay – the team welcomed a new wood floor and a waiting area where the chimney was.


Change tack to digital

With the recession hurting and subtenants thin on the ground, the decision to have a whole floor in Leslie Hills Drive became untenable. At the same time, based on measurable results from Adwords’ client campaigns, Rachel wanted to reposition as a digital agency, re-branding from “Alexanders Advertising” to “Alexanders Internet Marketing“.  Critics said the move to digital was suicide. The agency moved into the back of Rachel’s house.  Although it was not spacious, and we lost three chimneys in the earthquakes, we were able to continue operating more-or-less seamlessly. This “temporary” move for “a year or two” lasted seven years! Being based at home helped Rachel co-ordinate not only the team of six but her nanny and multiple physio/OT/vision therapists working on the lifelong journey to rehabilitate her son.


White party celebrating 10 years in business

We celebrated turning 10 years old with a White Party on the lawn at Rachel’s home, featuring delicious Japanese tapas from the Tepanyaki Queens who also did a fire dance for us. In June 2008, Rachel’s son suffered a tragic head injury tobogganing and was flown to Starship where he was in intensive care in a coma for 5 weeks. John and Rachel took turns at living four days a week at Ronald McDonald House and later Wilson House on the North Shore while their son – who had miraculously survived but incurred a severe brain injury and permanent motor impairment – learned to walk and talk again. Over three months while commuting to Auckland, momentum dwindled.  It took a monumental effort and incredible energy to get things rolling again. Faced with an impending recession, Rachel wondered if she could buck global trends and budget for 5% growth or if she should plan for a 30% decline. The latter ensued. Taking low hanging fruit, and with the loyalty of existing clients, the agency survived and went on to thrive.


Age of web design

Having used a contract web programmer, we committed to hiring a full time web designer, Andy who was formerly the creative director at Hairy Lemon


Back to school party - 5 years in business

Turning five inspired a Back to School party featuring some wild costume themes from staff and clients.  Live tango music by Rachel’s jazz tutor set a classy tone at the beginning, before the evening descended into revelry and debauchery!


Marketing Angels

Now with marketing depth in the form of three marketing minxes, the Charlies Angels team attracted clients including Skope Industries, Tait Communications and Christchurch International Airport with its refreshing, marketing-lead approach.


Supreme Award & direct marketing

With a love for direct marketing and inspirational creative, the team was stoked to win the Supreme Award as well as a host of other awards at the South Island Advertising Awards. Rachel was at the time also Chair of the Direct Marketing Association Southern Branch.


Stylish office - Leslie Hills Drive

Taking the plunge and betting on continued growth, Rachel committed to leasing a whole floor (269 sqm) in Leslie Hills Drive, Riccarton. Friend Jude Meyer designed the interior. Although it was touch-and-go, with nail-biting break-even figures for a few months, the flash premises soon paid dividends with the team expanding to 12 over the next 8 years.


Expand upstairs

Business continued to grow at over 100% pa for several years.  Then in 2000, Rachel was caught off guard when awarded Self-Employed Woman of the Year for the South Island. She had been playing polo and was thinking about not turning up to the awards when the organisers rang and said she’d better hurry up.  Featuring on camera in casual, dirty polo clothes with a clashy orange vest helped the feature article in the Press stand out. It was brilliant PR but definitely not Rachel’s top fashion moment.


First Office - Le Bon Bolli Building

Within a year, with a graphic designer on board, the company moved into a ground floor office in the Montreal St Le Bon Bolli building (now Fiddlesticks).  As the business grew, we simply moved upstairs into a bigger office. Rachel was Chairman of Top 10 Holiday Parks which was right next door. It was a lovely location near The Arts Centre.


Business established

After reading “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” Rachel left her consulting job at KPMG and set up as a marketing consultant under the brand “Alexanders of New Zealand”, working out of a flat in Winchester St. Shelley Yeatman was one of our early employees. Shelley stayed for five years and remains close friends with Rachel.

Reasons to choose Alexanders

Measurable results

Know for certain which half of your ad budget works! With digital accountability and a team focussed on results – not awards – your methodology gets tuned and polished.

We're perfectly sized

We’re big enough to take on everything you can throw at us but not so big that you’ll get lost in the system. You get to see us before, during and after every job, not just at the Christmas party.

Automated lead generation

Turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson who delivers leads while you sleep, so you can get on with doing business, not hunting for it.

We only surprise you nicely

Alexanders has a transparent project management programme. You may be blown away by our work but you’ll never be blown away by an unexpected account landing on your desk.

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