Repeatable, Scalable,

Every business needs to grow. To progress, you need a marketing system that predictably finds, converts and keeps customers. Yet dependable, stable sales can be frustratingly elusive; not everyone has a plan for how to make growth predictable.
Wouldn't it be great to be told a clear path for how to reach your sales target?  When your hands are already full (perhaps marketing is not your core skillset - sometimes it's not anyone's "thing"), there's not the time, nor resource to give marketing the priority and attention it needs. 

No one benefits from a scattergun or disunited approach. 

If there are bigger competitors with more recognition and marketing grunt, that are hard to keep up with, you need to be progressive so your business isn’t left behind. 
A clear marketing action plan generates synergy and unity. The work you’re proud of deserves recognition; to be found and admired.

No brand should be undervalued or unrated.

 It’s time to get some actionable insights – marketing muscle that helps your business to be agile, smarter, and more progressive.


Catalyst for growth
Alexanders is your guide for clear direction; get clarity from an expert that knows what needs to be done, backed by a team who will focus on bringing momentum and introduce a proven process. Roll on a digital lead system that doesn’t involve lots of door-knocking on your part. As a bonus, you’ll expand your skillset too.

We understand how frustrating it can be, not to progress at the speed you’d like to, due to other priorities. Are there tasks you and your team simply can’t add to your to do list or just want an expert to handle?

Fast tracking success

Access the Alexanders’ marketing team to kickstart the engine. Enjoy the thrill of acceleration, with some measurable results to get runs on the board. Armed with a trusty contract team, stride forward with momentum and confidence. Enjoy a modicum of glory with evidence that rewards your initiative.

Companies we've worked with:



Tourism & Event


Energy & Utilities



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Finance & professional Services

Health & Insurance



4 Easy ways to transform your marketing



Share your vision. We’ll assess and audit the areas you’d like addressed, to recommend the next best steps.


Review your options and select the approach and plan that offer a comfortable fit.


Watch your initiatives take shape as we deliver results.

Actionable insights

Receive intelligence, training and support to optimise the approach as insights cue the next step.

Avoiding cowboys

Some agencies like to play their cards close to their chest, possessively guarding their knowhow. This gets expensive, fast. Likewise, certain web design companies try to lock you in with proprietary web platforms that trap you with no escape, and are difficult to edit – when you or your team could be doing this yourselves with a little training. Big flashy agency? Who likes being thrust onto junior staff who are high on enthusiasm but low on expertise.
At Alexanders, you’ll avoid churn; we’re big enough to handle most things you can throw at us, but not so big that you’ll only see the boss at the Christmas party.

Making a real impact

Let’s convert your marketing into a highly profitable, predictable lead generation system, so your business can grow without you.



Overwhelm and frustration
Purpose. Clarity. Plan and a process.
From secret tactics and mystical digital techniques.
Your confidence and knowledge of how it all works has expanded. Pumping.
Technical work that is not your forte
Someone who likes doing the hard nerdy stuff.
Expensive done for your work
Momentum. Extra resource without hiring new staff. Empowered team with new skills.
What we stand for
At Alexanders, our philosophy involves “teaching clients how to fish;” empowering clients with new levels of understanding, being transparent about the techniques, and harnessing the skills of client and agency teams. Fill your marketing arsenal full of tools that work together to make a real impact. Set up your systems and team to succeed.

You need a plan and a process, not another tactic. Two steps ahead. Together. Faster.

Time to explore your next move?

Next starts
Book a 20 minute no-obligation introduction call to share where you are at, explore your specific needs, and to discuss if and how Alexanders might help you.


Giving back

For over two and a half decades, Alexanders has worked with the New Zealand business community from a Christchurch base, delivering great marketing outcomes. Thanks to our wonderful clients and their projects, we’ve enjoyed enough success to give back. 

Each year we take on charitable work where we build a website for a worthy not-for-profit organisation at a significant discount. Work we’re proud of includes a revamp for Paulownia Trust who provide residential care for physically and intellectually disabled people, ‘Oxfam Unwrapped’ gift card ecommerce site, work to support the NZ Road Accident Trauma Awards and helping to promote an Indian festival.



One of the biggest impacts we can collectively make on climate change is to reduce emissions from commuting to work. Several staff work from home three days a week. In addition to running a paperless office, we specify use of uncoated recycled paper from sustainable forests for any printing (rare these days). If you’re an inner-city customer, it’s very likely Rachel will arrive at your office on a bike – part of our personal commitment to reduce our carbon footprint.
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