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Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ve been proactive with traditional marketing, but it no longer performs as well as it used to. You recognise that a clear digital marketing strategy is the next opportunity.

4 drivers to get a digital marketing strategy

with an online marketing company
Say goodbye to unexpectedly quiet months and hello to hot leads.
Your workload is huge; there’s so much to achieve. Getting help to execute this part of your marketing frees you up to deliver in other areas.
While there is forward work, you’d like a more predictable stream of leads.
Perhaps you’ve come as far as you can yourself. Bringing on a specialist from an online marketing agency will take your internet marketing to the next level.
Your competitors have improved their internet marketing, but it’s your brand that deserves to be two steps ahead!
5 Easy Steps

5 reasons why a digital marketing strategy is important in 2024

It’s very affordable, relative to many traditional methods.
Online marketing is measurable; it’s exciting to see how well it works when you redirect some existing budget.
Up to date
Digital marketing tactics that worked last year may be redundant this year. Keep your tactics up to date with an online marketing company who knows when algorithms and techniques change.
A digital marketing strategy often reveals previously unrecognised demand niches, giving you the heads up on untapped opportunities.
Many competitors still lack a digital marketing strategy – so grab your competitive advantage with an expert to guide you.

How digital marketing works

A well-thought-out digital marketing strategy generates traffic to website and your social channels, inspiring visitors with incentives to share their contact details. You increase brand awareness, and set out to visitors how you can solve their problems. The right online marketing company will show you not only how to generate leads, but also what can be done to nurture them, convert them to sales and encourage repeat custom.
Digital strategies

What are the 7 types of digital marketing strategy for business?

Website Marketing

Transforming your website to deliver better user experience and performance

Content Marketing

Producing helpful content designed to capture attention, build awareness & cement a reputation as experts by answering key questions.

Search Optmization

Be found by people currently searching online for your product or service.

Pay per click advertising

Reach an audience by region, interest and intent e.g. Google Search ads.

Social media marketing

Leveraging the amount of time people spend on social channels to generate leads.

Email marketing

Leveraging the gold in your existing database or reaching into other available databases that expand your reach.

Customer relationship marketing

Systems to manage, inspire & follow up with existing customers.

If you are...

A digital strategy is especially important if you’re successful, but old school. While you’d rather do face to face, you know the world’s changed, and it’s time to make some digital moves.
Looking to grow but marketing isn't your area of expertise? Teaming up with a professional digital marketer fast tracks success, so you can concentrate on the areas that match your strengths.
Perhaps you’re an accomplished marketer but are either new to digital approaches or have too much on your plate and need to delegate something. Let us handle your digital workload.

Steps to getting a digital marketing strategy



The starting point is a robust review of your current digital marketing. We’ll look at the size and effectiveness of your business’ digital footprint, relative to competitors and target customers.


Then we’ll identify improvement opportunities, that can be implemented within a monthly budget you’re comfortable with.

Plan + Budget

You’ll get a plan detailing the strategic priorities, so you can review it, share it with your team or powers that be.

Digital Marketing Services

Who are some of the clients we’ve
created strategy for?


Catalyst for growth

Why choose Alexanders?
No brand should be overshadowed by digital savvy competitors.
Using an online marketing agency to prepare your digital strategy saves the cost and time of recruiting & training staff with digital experience. But while a professional internet marketing expert can be a real ally, some junior agency staff can’t see beyond social media. Others lack interest unless you’re a big brand (or have shiny retail or big budgets for TV).

At Alexanders, we have our finger on the pulse across all online marketing options, and yes! We love B2B, construction and non-flossy industries. Plus, we don’t play our cards close to our chest. We are a friendly eclectic bunch, keen to share our 25 years of knowledge of what’s worked, to guide your marketing to success. Time to refine, refresh and replace non-performing methods with modern online tactics that deliver results you can measure?

Can you also implement the digital marketing strategy?



Yes. Our team of digital marketing experts include marketers, writers, social media experts, graphic designers & programmers. We can implement agreed priorities on an affordable monthly budget. We can also upskill your in-house team to help keep marketing costs in check.


Which company is best for online marketing in NZ?



If you are small company with 1-4 staff or a start-up, Alexanders may not provide the best value; you may be better with a freelancer. We specialise in established companies, mainly those who do not need a dedicated marketing department or who have admin staff handling marketing. We also support corporate marketing teams with specialist SEO, funnels and Google Ads campaigns.



Google Review by Thomas on digital marketing services.


Make your next impression count.

Take action.
Raise your game.
This is a 20 minute phone, Zoom or Teams conversation with Rachel to get clarity on where you’re at right now, what your project is and what you’d like to accomplish. If the fit is good, the next step is to schedule a one-hour complimentary strategy meeting.
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