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When a social media agency can help your business

Are you or your staff too stretched to add social media to the to-do list? Have staff resigned – leaving you locked out of your accounts?

Looking for better ROI?

Few companies have the time or staffing to set up regular social media activities or campaigns well. And no one wants to go to all that effort to discover the content wasn’t liked.
Companies serious about leveraging social media marketing use more than one platform to engage their customers, and each has its unique content format for audience appeal. However, the amount of work required to achieve appeal mounts up, and regardless of enthusiasm, it can simply be overwhelming when you or your staff are stretched to capacity.

Use a social media agency when you:

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  • Want the competitive advantage of a professional social media marketing agency (without the cost of having to hire extra staff) so that you get a better return for your budget.
  • Don’t have enough time to learn and keep up to date with the latest social media trends to grow your brand on social media effectively and upskill staff. A social media agency can save you time by reducing your workload and simplifying the process and training of your team.
  • Are frustrated with not being able to get into your social media accounts or the technical side of installing tracking codes on websites etc. A social media agency can fix issues like this for you quickly and efficiently.
  • Want to grow your social media community to expand your reach and increase revenue but are not sure how to do this. Guidance from a social media agency will set up the foundations to make this happen, faster.

Social media marketing for business

4 benefits of social media marketing services:

Why is social media important? Because effective social campaigns keep you front of mind and are how brands get discovered.
Showcasing your products and services with fresh content means people won’t wonder if your business is operational or not.
Presenting content that educates and entertains, attracts relevant people that you can move through your sales funnel
Have your campaigns set up to target the right audience profiles, on the 
best channels that hold the majority of your ideal customers.
The more people share your content on social media, the more importance Google places on your website

Social media marketing Christchurch

5 ways a social media marketing agency can help a busy team

Often it is quicker and easier to hire a social media agency to assist or upskill existing staff than to hire another staff member.

Strategic Guidance

An agency can guide you to prepare an informed, and innovative social media content that is customised to your customer journey. That way you’re using a thoughtful blueprint to build original, compelling content.


Boost conversions

Setting up funnels and data capture, such as landing pages, registrations and downloadable eBooks is easier with technical support.


Campaign know-how

A social media specialist will manage and schedule your campaign, working within an agreed budget and testing the ads to work out the best performers.


More engaging content

An agency brings an experienced team of specialists to create engaging, visually rich, on-trend content for you - like graphics, blogs, videos, and visuals.


Coaching to build inhouse skills

Build your inhouse capacity and social prowess with coaching, feedback, tools and tricks from your agency social media expert.


How much to hire a social media marketing agency in NZ?

It will vary depending on the social media company you choose, the number of social platforms you use to market your business, the calibre of your content, and how much paid content and advertising you do.

Small companies may qualify for a government grant of $1500 towards a $3.25k strategy, and then budget $1800 per month to get four campaigns per annum or $3500 per campaign.

Medium companies may spend $3000 to $6000 per month on social media management, which generally includes a monthly ad spend, as well as a custom marketing and advertising strategy for one or more platforms.
Step it up

Social Media Agency Services:


Rescue your account

Work with you to recover access and management so you can start posting again.



Set up a Social Media Strategy to be competitive and to boost your brand's online presence and engage your audience.



Prepare a Social Media Calendar so you can create your posts each week with the confidence each topic will be engaging.



Social Media campaign management to filter and reach a valuable audience to make your content efforts count.


Style guide

Set up a consistent look and style for your posts so that your brand becomes recognisable. Talk to us about setting up your brand style /look inside your Canva account for your staff or have graphic design profile banners created.


Professional content creation

Blog writing. Product range slide shows. Design of logo animations or explainer videos. Educational how-to content. Competitions. Promotion graphics. Diagrams. To give your business a professional look.


Social video support

An affordable short video series including video header & end slide templates to give consistency to your videos.


Instagram Tiktok & Facebook marketing services

Including setting up your Business Suite account. Reach new audiences that have not yet been introduced to your brand.



Setting up tagging and tracking with pixels/tags to track content so that you don’t need to worry about the technical side.



Advice on how to set up your WeChat Official Account & digital advertising to reach NZ Chinese.


Christchurch social media agency

Why choose Alexanders?
Shift your social media into top gear.
Our social media campaign specialists work with established companies in all areas of New Zealand.
Our videographer, photographer, animator, graphic designer and copywriter are available to help you. Our content marketing specialist pulls all the elements together.

Social media marketing process

Steps working with a social media agency


Social Media Audit


Define the approach for your monthly budget


Content creation + campaigns


Measure & refine


Make your next post count.

Take action.
Raise your game.
Book a 20 minute no-obligation introduction call to share where you are at, explore your specific needs, and to discuss if and how Alexanders might help you.

Social Media Packages

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