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Fox diving into snow for prey illustrating how SEO Christchurch agency can attract people based on specific relevant keyword

Be Found Online

SEO Christchurch

Search engine optimisation turns your website into a business-development genius

Alexanders’ SEO Christchurch team delivers onsite, offsite, local and international SEO services to clients throughout NZ. There’s no point investing in your website if it can’t be found.  Avoid a paid media war and enjoy higher conversion rates by ranking well organically.


Our Approach

Keyword research

Foundation + focus, discover which keywords have high traffic + which are too hotly contested. Our team does the number crunching so you can pick the cherries.

Outcome: short and long term keyword plan.

Onsite optimisation

Match landing pages with keyword searches
Just like online dating, onsite SEO is like a matching service. We cue Google as to the words you want your site to appear for. Outcome: be found on Google for some selected phrases but not all will be on page one.

Monthly optimisation

Builds respect & rank
Whether you are a new or established company, Google’s algorithm assesses your site’s popularity and customer engagement. As an SEO agency, we build your authority online and regularly review where advances can be made. Outcome: Watch traffic grow as regular, ongoing work builds respect, engagement and rank with Google. Higher position = more traffic.

Conversion rate optimisation

Turns more visitors into customers
Squeeze more from your existing visitors. Analytics delivers insights where web performance and engagement can be improved through A/B testing of design, code and copy elements. Outcome: increased conversions (sales, enquiries)

Local search optimisation

Rank for local searches in your target region with SEO in Christchurch, Auckland, Nationwide or even within your target suburb. Clever use of address coding tools, local citations, and customer reviews will send signals to customers and Google alike that you’re open for business.

Optimising for mobile searches

Learn about nifty tools and markup we can add to your pages to display your content more prominently for mobile searches. We’ll check that your download speed – a ranking factor – is optimised.

Ecommerce & shopping search

Correct structuring of ecommerce product and how you set up your merchant centre feed can make a big difference to how your products are displayed in search and your volume of clicks. Learn from our G-shopping expert.

International SEO

Get expert advice on how to manage domains and rank or present a different product range for different countries. Learn what to do to rank in Australia and rank in China. Inhouse fluency in Mandarin and Spanish.

Start ranking on Google & stop losing customers

Access expert SEO services to guide and tune your web content to improve your position in search results.

Reach your sales targets sooner

With help from an SEO agency, you can transform your website from a “brochure” site into a lead generation star that works 24/7 – without the need to hire extra staff.

Grow your market share & expand your reach

Outrank your competitors. Stimulate demand for new products & services or from desired locations – internationally or locally.

Strengthen your online brand profile

Ensure your brand is visible on page one for key category searches – without spending a cent on advertising!

Reasons to choose Alexanders

Proven five step web SEO formula improves rank, traffic and conversions

Measurable results

Measurable results

Know for certain which half of your ad budget works! With digital accountability and a team focussed on results – not awards – your methodology gets tuned and polished.

We're perfectly sized

We're perfectly sized

We’re big enough to take on everything you can throw at us but not so big that you’ll get lost in the system. You get to see us before, during and after every job, not just at the Christmas party.

Automated lead generation

Automated lead generation

Turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson who delivers leads while you sleep, so you can get on with doing business, not hunting for it.

We only surprise you nicely

We only surprise you nicely

Alexanders has a transparent project management programme. You may be blown away by our work but you’ll never be blown away by an unexpected account landing on your desk.

We take care of your online presence and generating leads so you can take care of business

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