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WordPress Web Design in Christchurch

If you’re busy running a business, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and developments in website design. Over time, your website may become outdated and less effective at reaching your target audience. But with our Big Commerce and WordPress web design expertise, you can make sure your online presence continues to highlight what your business has to offer, using the most effective tools and technologies at your disposal. Our talented web designers create a modern, visually striking WordPress website for your company, focused on providing the best possible user experience. With simple navigation, appealing graphic design and clear, concise content, your website will differentiate your business from the competition..

Who we work with

Our Woocommerce website designers and WordPress specialists work with established companies in all areas of New Zealand, from a wide variety of industries and market sectors. We create highly effective websites for SMEs with a handful of staff, through to groups of more than 40 companies or branches, in sectors like B2B, construction, technology, health, agriculture, manufacturing, export, and retirement villages. We are not the right fit for start-ups, Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies, portals, forums, tobacco products or adult sites.

Following a proven but flexible BigCommerce & WordPress web development and design process, we can produce a professional website that accurately reflects your corporate philosophy and marketing goals.

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Ecommerce Websites

In addition to creating innovative website designs that help our clients to market themselves to a wider audience, we also develop robust ecommerce solutions to boost online sales turnover. With extensive experience, our WooCommerce developers and BigCommerce developers are capable of providing rapid development services to companies in NZ that wish to establish an effective ecommerce website or upgrade an existing online store.

Web marketing

If you’re unhappy with the results you’re seeing from your online marketing efforts, our digital experts can identify what’s holding you back and help you to devise a more effective strategy.

We have the skills and experience not only to design web portals that are visually appealing and easy to navigate, but to market these websites in a way that guarantees greater exposure for our clients.

Whatever your requirements, contact the best website design team in Christchurch today and let us help you to make a real impact with your online presence.


How long do websites last?

How much does a website cost in NZ?

What web platform should i use?

Web design Christchurch services


Upgrade your website to reflect your business as it is today, and get better mobile experiences using new technology.


Mobile-first as opposed to mobile-responsive web development focuses on mobiles first, then desktop.


Scale your success. Add divisions as you grow, or replicate web page design across multiple branches or brands.


We are WooCommerce experts and BigCommerce developers (a robust platform for higher volumes of transactions).

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WooCommerce and WordPress web design experts.  Talk to us about upgrading your current WordPress website.

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Web development in Woo Commerce for simple product ranges, Shopify, & Big Commerce for higher transaction volumes.

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We design mobile-first (as opposed to mobile-responsive), which means we create a design for mobiles before we do the desktop version, since they are likely to be more often used.

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Scale your success. Start simple. Add pages or divisions as you grow, or replicate web page design across multiple branches or brands.

Custom WordPress Developers

Talk to us about custom WordPress development where our developer tailors bespoke solutions for your existing site. To keep costs down, you may wish to include some pre-formatted sections in some pages. Browse our pre-formatted options for menus, banners, benefits, about and contact sections that can be included to keep budgets trim.

Step forward with confidence.
Draw upon web expertise in B2B, construction, health, ag and technology.

More control

Easy-to-use WordPress and Big Commerce platforms allow you to control and update content yourself. It’s easy and speedy to show off your recent work.

Courageous graphic design

Bold, appealing graphic design and easy navigation to suit your company colourway.

Technical support

Google partners, certified Big Commerce developers, certified Amazon Web Services hosts. Real people just a phone call or email away.

Flexible cost solutions

Get started in a way you can add to and build up with our local in-house web developers in Christchurch

Digital marketing experts

Get advice on which activities will leverage your new website: Google Ads, search marketing, referral marketing.

Results oriented

Our services go beyond web design: we’re also Analytics, ranking and conversion experts to get more bang from your website!

Discuss your project today

Request a Zoom or book a meeting with the Alexanders web design Christchurch team. Call  03 3488 477 today or email us to request a call back.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of files do you accept to upload?

For ecommerce sites, product files are usually provided in Excel spreadsheets but talk to us about the options for automated product importing. For pictures, the most common files are .png, .jpg. For your signature shots that go full width, we need a picture that is approximately 2000 pixels wide. If you have a large number of photos or elements, typically clients create a Dropbox folder, with folders for each page or category. For text, a Word document is fine. Logos – ideally a high resolution .eps or .ai file or if you don’t have these, we can work with PDF’s – for a small charge we can also redraw your logo if you can’t find the original. And yes, we can split images and text from PDF’s if you have them as brochures

Can you take the content from my old site?

Certainly. If you have an inventory system, we may be able to do an import for ecommerce. Many older sites have long text pages, and the modern trend is for short, succinct content that typically requires some editing, updating or condensing. If we are doing any copywriting, we can pull the text we think is most compelling from your existing content, or request more info if it needs more x-factor. Often we can create a script that imports sections of existing pages into a new template, but any text editing will need to be done in the new site.

What’s the difference between a landing page and a normal web page?

A landing page is an entry page for your website that is usually created for a specific Google Ads campaign, marketing email, or seo. Landing pages typically have one specific theme and include a call to action or enquiry form to capture contact details. They often don’t have a menu, because providing links to other pages reduces conversion to leads.

How long will my project take?

A typical web site will take six to eight weeks. Ecommerce sites can be fast if it’s say a trade site to load content, or take longer if there are integrations to be done with inventory or accounting software. One-page websites can be done in two weeks. The most common delay is when the client is writing content or loading content. Fitting this in around normal activities requires focus and commitment!

How do I know what web pages I need?

We will show you a checklist of page types and functionality to help determine project scope. If you are doing SEO, then the keyword analysis often yields sensible ideas for product pages that can be incorporated into your menu.

What’s the difference between ‘mobile-first’ and a ‘mobile-responsive’ website?

A mobile responsive website resizes for small screens, based off your existing desk-top website. A mobile-first site is designed first and foremost for a good user-experience on a mobile phone, with shorter, succinct content, larger buttons and quick navigation to get you to the key content in three clicks.

Can someone write my content for me?

No problem. Once we determine how many pages need copywriting, we can include this in the estimate, and work with you to develop a brief.

I don’t have any good images.

We can build in time to hunt for images in stock photo libraries, organize a photo shoot, or use graphics/illustrations instead.

How does web design affect SEO?

Your new webdesign has a significant influence on SEO and your ranking on Google. If you have not optimized your website, we highly recommend doing On-site optimisation (the first part of SEO) at the time you rebuild your site. If you have already optimized your website, it’s important to carry over your SEO details. In saying that, SEO has changed a lot in the last few years and there are some changes Rachel can recommend, if your SEO has not been updated recently.

What are the major web trends at the moment?

Mobile-first design; design for high speed so content downloads quickly on mobile devices (about 52% of all web traffic is now via a mobile device); short, succinct content in paragraphs and a headline that communicates your proposition powerfully; using a transparent white or black filter over the top of images to make text readable or tone down bright colours where they clash with your logo colours.

What are the ongoing costs and maintenance required?

Domain name renewal – approx. $55 pa for a Hosting for WordPress sites starts at $42 month including instant retrieval of backup files, and regular platform updates to keep your site secure. For eCommerce, you have a choice of hosting packages, starting from $40 and going up to over $250 for enterprise clients. Whilst simple text, image and product updates are easily done by the client, we highly recommend to have a budget for “web maintenance” to keep your site evolving. This might range from $2k pa for clients with just a few staff to $10k for groups, but is not mandatory. Quarterly or annual web performance reports with recommendations start from $750. SEO packages are typically $1500/month but can be tailored to suit groups or smaller businesses.

Is my website tax deductible?

Yes. Web development is a marketing expense for registered businesses. We’re happy to explain what you can get for different budgets and to explain ‘SEO’, which turns your web development expense into an investment that delivers leads while you sleep! Call us on 03 3488 477 or email us below.

What’s unique about your approach to web design?

We’ve been named “the thinking man’s agency” by Tait & Ravensdown. Not all websites are created equal.  There are the quick and cheap web site designers.  Not us, sorry. We take a considered approach to web design and development,  as well as art direction for clean design. We draw from our experience analysing data and results, so our designs are planned to generate leads. Our graphic design team can create a stylish site if you just want to profile your brand, but our reputation has been built on creating good-looking, hard-working web designs that generate a predictable stream of leads or sales. Most people don’t consider that they’ll need to spend at least as much on building the website, on marketing it, but much can be done in the build stage to accelerate the site’s success.

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