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5 benefits
WeChat Marketing
can bring a company

Build your brand profile with Chinese marketing strategies including WeChat advertising, Chinese social media campaigns, advertising in NZ Chinese media, and PR to Chinese in China. Access expertise to guide and support your digital journey into the Chinese market.
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5 reasons to consider WeChat marketing


Grow your brand awareness to a different ethnic base that has a significant population in NZ.


Communicate in a way that’s native to Chinese in a medium they use every day – and pay with every day.  Whether they are NZ-born or migrants, it’s the main way Chinese communicate with friends and business colleagues. 


Get exposure to large base – approximately 231,387 Chinese live in New Zealand – roughly 5% of the NZ population. Not to mention students and tourists.


WeChat is one the most trusted channels – among a sceptical audience.


Get direct contact with interested parties – build your own client database.

Chinese social media

What’s involved in WeChat marketing?

The best long term strategy is to set up an Official WeChat account. This has three tabs and has pages kind of like our version of a website. Businesses need a separate business account, rather than a personal account. Then you’ll create regular posts, and promote them to your account to attract visitors and followers. At some stage, you’ll want to have Chinese speakers on your team.

Connect with Chinese through WeChat

With more than 1.2 billion active users (77% of the Chinese population), WeChat has been the most popular app and social media since it’s release in 2011 by the Chinese internet giant Tencent (HKG:0700). Together with QQ and Qzone, Tencent owns the top three Chinese social media platforms and is the sixth largest internet company in the world after Google, Meta, Alibaba, and Amazon.
More than 50% of WeChat users spend at least 90 minutes a day on WeChat and a typical user sends out more than 70 messages on WeChat each day.
Chinese Marketing NZ

Chinese Marketing
Services NZ

Chinese Marketing Strategy
Get a plan of attack, so you know what needs to be done to be successful. Where is the best place to connect with your target audience? What messages do you need to use? What assets and resources will be required to be successful?
Chinese Graphic Design
Get your logo, brochures or digital assets edited to have Chinese versions. Provide us your raw file and our native translator and graphic designer can produce a Chinese version for you. Or we can design one from scratch.
Wechat official accounts NZ
Social Media Account Establishment & Posts
Tencent requires a rigorous setup process which is not for the faint-hearted! Alexanders will advise you on all the necessary documents for registration and recommend structure/pages for your account. Based on your brief, we will then create a unique client account for your business and translate your content if required or assess any Chinese content you have already. 
Chinese Web Design & Hosting
If you are targeting inbound visitors, rather than translate your existing site, we recommend building a Chinese web site that is hosted in Hong Kong, to make it downloadable in China (NZ sites are slow and not generally indexed by Baidu). We can also help to add Chinese language pages to your current site, and add your new WeChat QR code to your site.
Chinese Social Media Marketing
Content calendar
Get help to create a content calendar leveraging Chinese events and festivals and key periods relevant to your business.
Mandarin Translator NZ
Don’t embarrass your brand with Google Translate! Ensure a quality experience with our in-house Mandarin translation service.
WeChat Content creation agency
Our native Mandarin-speaking account manager will give you assistance with writing, translation and corresponding until you find your feet. There are also important channels to get exposure on, where Chinese do their background research, including The Little Red Book and MaFengwo.
Chinese Advertising Campaigns
Campaign planning
Get traction and build your following with a campaign or ad placement on relevant Chinese Media in NZ or those reaching travellers planning to come to NZ. A small campaign might be $4,000 including media liaison and planning. A medium campaign could be around $25,000 over 4-6 months. Not sure what to budget? Alexanders can guide you on targeting options which include region, gender, age, interest group etc.
Chinese Advertising Design & Translation
Our design team and writers can suggest ideas, develop creative and translate it for the campaign or you can provide your own pictures, text or existing ads for resizing or translation. Chinese love vouchers and offers. Our graphic designer can take your formats or English files, overlay Mandarin, and resize them or create from scratch.
WeChat Advertising
Talk to us about the “dip your toe in the water” and the “be noticed” options that get serious traction. Retainers from $1250 month.
Chinese Media Liaison
Having a fluent Mandarin speaker on our team takes the hassle out of communicating with media.
Chinese advertising campaigns
Advertise in local Chinese media including digital news outlets, newspapers, television and radio as well as a real estate magazine. Reach local Chinese through local Chinese radio, television and publicationsWe can help you reach tourists and locals for real estate through an upmarket Chinese local magazine and Chinese print flyers via AA and iSite centres.

Chinese Marketing Packages

wechat marketing agency

Why choose
We are local and easy to talk with – but we have a fluent Chinese speaker on our team – an authentic local living here from Mainland China, who is your bridge between kiwi and Chinese culture. She will help you avoid faux pas, has depth of experience in digital content writing and digital content creation. She has work experience in tourism and ecommerce based here but marketing to customer base in China and NZ.

Chinese Marketing Consultants

Meet your Chinese support team

Rachel founded Alexanders Digital Marketing, a team of 7, 25 years ago. Rachel has Mandarin and Commerce degrees, though hasn’t spent enough time in China to be fluent. With hundreds of digital campaigns under her belt, she is a good partner to shape your Chinese digital strategy and support your journey.

Ivy Cui is from Xian in China and curates content for a number of Chinese social media accounts. Having worked in a souvenir shop and selling products online through social posts, she brings strong cultural knowledge of how Chinese in China and visitors in NZ use media. Ivy brings fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese, and proven success at formulating regular posts that also generate ecommerce sales.

Make your next impression count.

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Book a 20 minute no-obligation introduction call to share where you are at, explore your specific needs, and to discuss if and how Alexanders might help you.
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