Being progressive is your best weapon.
Every business needs to be progressive to not only survive, but thrive, and avoid being overtaken. Whether you are ready to rebuild and secure your future pipeline of customers - or want to make improvements to stretch out the life of your existing Wordpress site - web development and E-commerce, like business – keep evolving.

It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and ahead of competitors.

Having our most effective tools and technologies at your disposal gives you a weapon to stay competitive.  Alexanders Digital Marketing is a Wordpress agency and Christchurch-based web development company.  We specialise in Wordpress & Woocommerce website development, and are BigCommerce developers.

Who needs a web development company?

Are you looking to scale up – and your website is your weapon of choice?
Is there extra functionality or an integration with inventory or accounting or CRM that would make your business more efficient?
Do you need a Wordpress expert to hone or add content to your Wordpress website?
Are you reviewing ecommerce development solutions?
Looking to add ecommerce to your Wordpress site?

E-commerce development

Establish an effective new E-commerce website;

Upgrade an existing online store to a more robust ecommerce system (BigCommerce);

Add E-commerce to a Wordpress site. Both WooCommerce and BigCommerce hook onto existing Wordpress sites, but BigCommerce is better suited if you have over 800 products or ecommerce is a core part of your offering.

Even if your current site is not Wordpress, we can add ecommerce by adding a store on a subdomain e.g.

Digital transformation

Clarify the process to scale the leads your website generates. Move from flying blind to proactively controlling what you cue to Google. Know some fine tuning is required? With training and support, our Digital Gamechanger Programme will mentor you through the process to get your website generating more new customers. Ignite your digital roadmap with a friendly expert to empower you.

What is the difference between web-design & web development?

Many people use the terms web design and development interchangeably. “Web design” commonly refers to both design (planning, graphic design, user experience, graphics – often called “front end development”) and development (programming, and testing – often called “Back end development”).

On this page, I’m referencing web development as a more technical term relating to technical capability. If you’re not technically-minded and are actually interested in our web design services, please head there.

Web development services NZ


1. Website

Make your business processes more efficient by adding new technology and functionality. Looking to add e-commerce, robust case studies, or integrate with Xero? 

Investing in these tools often makes more sense on updated technology. Adding a bolt-on tool to an outdated website is often less effective and costs more than creating a new website with the functionality built in. 

Likewise, new Content Management Systems are easier for website administrators to update with content and tools.

We can assess if it will be faster and cost less on a new platform, or if your current one will last the distance.

2. Website

Perhaps you are looking for technical skills to support your inhouse designer, design agency, co-ordinator, IT or content team?

We are happy to plug the gaps and work together to boost your capability and make changes achievable by collaborating as part of your team.

Request the web development services that complement your own skill set, including scoping, wireframing, graphic design, UX design, seo, web design and development, writing, video production, content loading, hosting, training, support, tracking, and conversion rate optimisation.


3. Wordpress
Web development

Wordpress is our thing. Maybe it’s yours too?  We can help to upgrade or migrate your current site.

Or if you have some knowledge but need extra support, ask about: user access, building new templates or pages, installing catalogues, careers pages, integrations with other software, e.g. with Xero or Zoho SalesIQ, recurring membership sites, reducing spam enquiries, complex form development, database design, hosting, configuring new functionality, Wordpress seo, Schema, speed & performance optimisation, image compressing software, Core Web Vitals, Livechat, and ecommerce. 

4. Wordpress
training & support

Some agencies like to hold their cards close to their chest. We like to share.

Our philosophy is that it’s the modern way for the client to be able to do as much as they can. Get Wordpress support and training from our Wordpress expert, so you can take control and do more for less.

Yes we work with Divi & Elementor but our inhouse Wordpress expert will try and convert you to Oxygen, lol!

E-commerce Add-ons



What system would you like your site connect to? Membership to WooCommerce, LearnDash Education course modules, WooCommerce to Xero, store location map integrations, inventory syncing, CRM...We can research if an existing API exists and connect it, or custom code a solution.

Content Development

From improved user experience, compelling writing and engaging graphic design, bring about your site’s potential. Leverage our extended video production and photograph teams.

Search engine optimisation, pay per click & social media marketing

Get early runs on the board with your upgraded website with Rachel’s sage web marketing advice. - Christchurch’s most experienced digital marketer.
Catalyst for growth

Why choose Alexanders as your web design company?

Sharing is caring philosophy. We are the web development agency that teaches you to fish. You know it’s inefficient and expensive for your web development company to make all changes. We’ll back you up with technical expertise and sage strategy, then support your team to be as capable as they want to be. Your website is your weapon. Our digital detectives are your army. What a team! We await your command.

Our ecommerce specialists work with established companies in all areas of New Zealand, from a wide variety of industries and market sectors.

We create websites for SMEs with a handful of staff, through to groups of more than 40 companies or branches, in sectors like B2B, construction, technology, health, agriculture, manufacturing, export, and retirement villages. Find out if we are the right fit. Lets chat to check synergy on a 20 minute discovery call.

Web Development Packages

Ecommerce platforms

What web platform should I build with?

Watch this short video to understand more about which ecommerce platform suits your need.

Industry Partners



Make your next impression count.
Take action.
Raise your game.
This is a 20 minute phone, Zoom or Teams conversation with Rachel to get clarity on where you’re at right now, what your project is and what you’d like to accomplish. If the fit is good, the next step is to schedule a one-hour complimentary strategy meeting.
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